October Weather in Portugal

Here's What to Expect If You're Traveling to Portugal this Autumn

Lisbon in October
••• Lisbon in October. Image: hfc104/Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved)

One of the great perks of Portugal is its year-round sunshine and nice temperate weather, particularly on the coast and in the south. October is a great time to visit Portugal since you will have fewer crowds to deal with and comfortable temperatures throughout the country.

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Lisbon: Catch the Last Rays of the Year

Sunshine and warm temperatures along with cheaper prices are many of the great reasons to visit Lisbon in October. You can still enjoy sunsets outside at the miradouros (look-out points) but without the hordes of people. To see more of the city, why not book a private excursion tour

If you're looking to stay in Madrid in October, here are some affordable hotels in the area. ​

Porto: A Little Bit Cooler

The weather is a bit cooler than in Lisbon this time of year but still nice enough to enjoy a glass of Port wine on a rooftop while looking out at Porto's skyline. Or, take a tour of the city's famous Croft Winery, the oldest winery in Porto, for some out-of-this-world port. 

Here is a list of cool hotels to check out while you're staying in Porto.​

Algarve: Beaches in Autumn? Absolutely. 

October is a good time to visit the Algarve coast. The weather is still nice, so grab a book, plunk down on the beach and enjoy the sun with fewer crowds.

You can even go full beach bum and take a surfing lesson or a paddle board excursion

You can even find a not-so-expensive hotel by the beach to get maximum usage of the nice weather. ​

Douro Valley: Stay For the Wine

The Douro Valley is a little cooler in October than it can get in the summer but winter is still a long way off.

You'll still be able to sit outside at a quinta (wine-producer) and taste away the many wines made in the Douro Valley while taking in the views. You can book a day-long tour of their wineries to see what we're talking about. Make sure to book a nice comfy bed in a close-by hotel when you inevitably drift into a buzzed slumber.