October: Spring Weather in New Zealand

Weather and What to See and Do in New Zealand in October

Kowhai flowers in October
••• Kowhai flowers in October. Image Courtesy of Malene Holm

October is the middle of Spring in New Zealand. Everywhere you will see the evidence of new growth. The days get continually warmer and sunnier. However, it is also a month that can be subject to spring storms. It can be quite rainy, especially in the North Island. Everywhere you can expect the weather to be quite changeable. If you are exploring outdoor areas be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecasts.

The New Zealand ski season generally ends in late October. Therefore for at least most of the month you will be able to enjoy skiing and see snow fields on both the North and South Islands.

Remember, too, that the time changes to 'Daylight Saving'/Summer time in New Zealand during October. The clocks are moved back by one hour from GMT+12 to GMT+13.

Pros of Visiting New Zealand in October

You'll have reasonably long hours of sunlight during the days, increasing throughout the month.. It's a good month for hiking, although some areas may be rather wet. The skiing and snowboarding: slopes are still open. It's still a fairly quiet time for tourists.

Cons of Visiting New Zealand in October

The weather can be wet and changeable, particularly in the North Island. Southern storms can bring cold weather to the South Island. It's still a bit too chilly for swimming and enjoying the beaches.

What's On in October: Festivals and Events

October is a month in which there are usually New Zealand school holidays. This means there are often more family events taking place.

Other Things to Do in New Zealand in October