Ocean Park vs Hong Kong Disneyland

Should I visit Ocean Park or Hong Kong Disneyland?

Ocean park cable car, Hong Kong, China
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Ocean Park vs Hong Kong Disneyland is Hong Kong's great theme park rivalry. At first glance, it's a David and Goliath battle; the local favorite against the world champions. But those asking themselves whether they should visit Ocean Park or Hong Kong Disneyland may find a surprising answer.

Winner - Ocean Park

Ocean Park is just a better all-rounder. The combination of high octane, thrills and spills rides, with superb, and educational, state of the art marine shows and exhibitions is unbeatable.

Ocean Park has a pair of superb roller coasters, a log flume, and rapids ride. There are also a number of mid-range action rides, meaning there is plenty to keep the family going all day. Disneyland, on the other hand, has only one roller coaster and almost no mid-range action rides, meaning anyone over the age of ten will be quickly bored. On the other hand, Disney does have a slightly better selection of toddler and young riders, although Ocean Park is also no slouch in this department.

Ocean Park's selection of Marine shows is also first class, including shark aquariums, dolphin shows, and the superb, sci-fi-styled Jellyfish exhibit. Disneyland has nothing to compete with these excellent family friendly shows.

One area in which Disneyland does beat Ocean Park is in dining. The dining options at Ocean Park are limited to dodgy hot dogs, while the full-blown hotel restaurants at Disneyland are superb.

Ocean Park also has no accommodation options, although it's is far closer to the city than Disneyland.

Ocean Park Pros

Rollercoasters and other action rides
Range of rides for teenagers
Educational Marine Shows
Ease of Access

Disneyland Pros

Rides for Small Children
Disney Characters

The Future

Both Ocean Park and Disneyland are expanding, however, again, Ocean Park has the edge. The park is in the middle of a major expansion which will add a spread of new action rides and new, state of the art shows by 2010. They're also revamping the transport infrastructure and adding hotels and new dining options. Disneyland is slowly but surely adding rides and making itself a more attractive proposition, however it looks like it will struggle to keep up with the dynamic Ocean Park.