Ocean Malandra

  • San Francisco native, freelance travel writer, and documentary filmmaker who lives in the Golden Gate city
  • Has written extensively for online and print publications including the World Trade Press, USA Today, and "Viva Travel Guides"
  • Worked for years in San Francisco's hospitality and tourism industry and knows many of the city's best restaurants, nightclubs, and arts organizations


Ocean Malandra has written extensively for both online and print publications including the World Trade Press, USA Today, and "Viva Travel Guides." Malandra can usually be found drinking coffee in the cafes of North Beach, hiking along the wild coast near Land's End, or feasting on the Latin American treats of the Mission District. He has traveled in Europe, South America, Mexico, Canada, Central America, and the United States but always returns to the mild weather, cosmopolitan cultural scene, natural beauty, and bohemian attitude of his hometown. Malandra wrote five stories about San Francisco and the region over the course of about two years for TripSavvy.


Ocean Malandra, after studying broadcast journalism at City College of San Francisco, moved north to major in English at Portland State University.


Ocean Malandra's published writings include:

  • "PRØ Travel: Get Your Groove on in Cali, Colombia," published on July 25, 2018, on Probibtd, a culture and travel website
  • "The Coevolution of Humans and Cannabis," published on July 13, 2017, on Medium, a website that covers culture, travel, and entertainment topics

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