Ocean Malandra

A San Francisco native and child of beat generation parents, Ocean Malandra has been enchanted by the magical city of San Francisco for as long as he can remember.

Currently a freelance travel writer and documentary film maker, he still makes San Francisco his home-base and can usually be found drinking coffee in the Italian cafes of North Beach, hiking along the wild coast near Land's End or feasting on the Latin American treats of the Mission District.


Ocean has written extensively for both online and print publications including the World Trade Press, USA Today Travel Tips and Viva Travel Guides. He has traveled in Europe, South America, Mexico, Canada, Central America and the United States but always returns to the mild weather, cosmopolitan cultural scene, stunning natural beauty and bohemian attitude of his hometown.

He also worked for years in San Francisco's hospitality and tourism industry and knows many of the city's best restaurants, nightclubs and arts organizations from the inside out.


After studying Broadcast Journalism at the City College of San Francisco, Ocean moved north to Portland, Oregon to major in English at Portland State University.

Ocean Malandra

In this online guide to San Francisco, whether offering advice on visiting well known attractions like Alcatraz or the Golden Gate Bridge or sharing insider secrets like where to buy teas in Chinatown or the best places in the city to dance salsa, I hope to help make your trip to San Francisco as dynamic and fulfilling as possible.

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