Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas: Lounges and Bars

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    Oasis of the Seas

    Oasis of the Seas - Rising Tide Bar
    Linda Garrison

    There are lots of great places to party, drink, and socialize on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. After all, it's one of the largest cruise ships in the world. The numerous bars and lounges are scattered all around the ship, from the tranquil Solarium Bar forward on deck 16 to the party lounges in the Entertainment Place "neighborhood" on deck 4.

    Oasis of the Seas was the first ship to tout the neighborhood concept of seven distinct themed areas, including Central Park, Boardwalk, the Royal Promenade, the Pool and Sports Zone, Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center, Entertainment Place, and the Youth Zone. And, most of these specialty areas have bars and exciting entertainment venues that match their themes. 

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    Rising Tide Bar

    Oasis of the Seas - Rising Tide Bar
    Linda Garrison

    One of the most unique bars on the Oasis of the Seas is the Rising Tide Bar, actually an "elevator" bar linking the Royal Promenade on deck 5 with the shady, plant-filled Central Park on deck 8.

    Sip your favorite cocktail while you enjoy a smooth ride and skylight views. The elevating bar, the first of its kind at sea, stops for about a half hour on each deck before smoothly moving up and down between the two.

    Just in case the family thinks a ride on the Rising Tide would be fun, there is an age restriction: 21 years and older on sailings from North America, 18 years and older on sailings from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

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    Oasis of the Seas - Dazzles
    Linda Garrison

    Dazzles is a spectacular 2-deck bar with a mirrored ceiling and glamorous seating areas. Dazzles has a wonderful view of the Boardwalk area.

    The Boardwalk, one of the neighborhoods, feels like a traditional seaside promenade complete with a handmade carousel. Found on deck 6, the Boardwalk is flanked on one end by Dazzles and on the other by the AquaTheater, rock climbing walls, and the sea. 

    In the evenings, sip on your favorite craft cocktail at Dazzles, listen to big band, swing or modern pop music, and when you get swept up by the beat of the music, join others on the dance floor. 

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    Studio B Ice Rink

    Oasis of the Seas - Studio B Ice Rink
    Linda Garrison

    Studio B in Entertainment Place on deck 4 is home of the Oasis of the Seas ice skating rink. Guests enjoy the Frozen in Time spectacular ice show. And, between shows and ice star practice sessions, passengers can use complimentary ice skates to test their skills on the ice.

    The venue offers other scheduled entertainment, like game shows, as well as a full bar.

    Entertainment Place is the hub for Oasis of the Seas nightlife. Occupying all of deck 4, it is easily accessed from the Royal Promenade. Entertainment Place includes the Casino Royale, the Opal Theater, Studio B, Comedy Place, Jazz on 4, and the Blaze Nightclub.

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    Jazz on 4

    Oasis of the Seas - Jazz on 4
    Linda Garrison

    Jazz on 4, a small venue, is found in Entertainment Place on deck 4. The cozy lounge features jazz and blues music with 1920's decor. This quiet and less crowded venue is a nice place to relax and unwind after checking out some of the more energetic bars and clubs. Jazz on 4 hosts a Prohibition Party on scheduled evenings during the cruise.

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    Blaze Nightclub

    Oasis of the Seas - Blaze Nightclub
    Linda Garrison

    Blaze is a large nightclub with a full bar and dance floor on deck 4 in the Entertainment Place neighborhood. It has a hip dungeon theme. With low, oval ceilings and special lighting effects, the club's decor makes an impact. A dynamic control system synchronizes the nightclub ’s lighting, smoke effects, and LED elements, delivers an exciting experience. Blaze is the place to go for late-night dancing and partying.

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    Schooner Bar

    Oasis of the Seas - Schooner Bar
    Linda Garrison

    The nautical-themed Schooner Bar is on the Royal Promenade and is a familiar venue for Royal Caribbean cruisers. On the Oasis of the Seas, the Royal Promenade has been expanded to include a mezzanine level with sweeping views of the interior boulevard.

    The Royal Promenade is the first area passengers see when boarding the ship since it serves as the entry point for embarkation. Located on deck 5 underneath Central Park, the Royal Promenade is three decks high and features large skylights that allow light into the area

    Much like a mall, the Royal Promenade is lined with eight retail shops and nine restaurants and bars.

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    On Air Karaoke and Game Bar

    Oasis of the Seas - On Air Karaoke Bar
    Linda Garrison

    The On Air Club on the Royal Promenade is filled with TV screens. It's known for Karaoke fun but also features game shows and video games. The bar serves up the standard menu of beverages.

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    Boleros Latin Dance Club

    Oasis of the Seas - Boleros Latin Dance Club
    Linda Garrison

    Boleros, located on the Royal Promenade, has a Latin theme. Dance to a live salsa band and indulge in south-of-the-border cocktails like mojitos and margaritas. Not sure of your dancing skills? You can take a lesson or two at Boleros.

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    Champagne Bar

    Oasis of the Seas - Champagne Bar
    Linda Garrison

    The Champagne Bar, ideal for quiet pre-dinner drinks, is on the Royal Promenade. The elegant atmosphere is a great place to enjoy handcrafted cocktails and, of course, indulge in the bubbly.

    And, as you wind down your evening, stop by and try one of their dessert cocktails like the strawberry cheesecake martini.

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    Globe and Atlas Pub

    Oasis of the Seas - Globe and Atlas Pub
    Linda Garrison

    The Globe and Atlas Pub is on the Royal Promenade and features traditional British Pub charm. Watch the giant copper globe sculpture open up revealing the "Atlas Bridge," a surprising performance area that is used during parades on the promenade.

    Globe and Atlas Pub serves beer from around the world, classy cocktails and excellent pub fare. In the evening you may be treated to guitar music while you enjoy your pint.

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    Solarium Bar

    Oasis of the Seas - Solarium Bar
    Linda Garrison

    A favorite of adult guests is the adults-only, two-deck Solarium, a gorgeous, peaceful area in the forward part of the ship. Guests can relax on padded rattan-style chaise lounges.

    While you're taking a break in the Solarium, grab a cocktail from the Solarium Bar. Wine, beer, cocktails and chilled "umbrella drinks" are perfect for sipping poolside.

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    Oasis of the Seas Concierge Club

    Oasis of the Seas Concierge Club
    Linda Garrison

    A model of the Oasis of the Seas graces the entry to the Concierge Club, an exclusive deck 11 club for those in the Grand Suite category and above. The Grand Suite category is the lowest package option with luxe amenities offered on the Oasis of the Seas. The Concierge Club offers complimentary alcoholic beverages in a country club environment.

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    Pinnacle Lounge

    Oasis of the Seas - Pinnacle Lounge
    Linda Garrison

    The Pinnacle Lounge, located on deck 17 near the Pinnacle Chapel, is a private room primarily used for wedding receptions or other private parties. The 55 seat Pinnacle Lounge is a beautifully appointed room with large floor to ceiling glass windows.