Asked and Answered: Nudity In a Las Vegas Strip Club, Is it Guaranteed?

Can You Walk Into A Las Vegas Strip Club And Not See Any Nudity?

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I always mention to readers of that they should send me an email with questions. After all, we are real people writing the travel pieces behind all the pretty pictures of beaches, hotels and cocktails.

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You ask, I answer.

Reader Sandy writes: (I changed the name because of the content of the question)

Hi Zeke,

I was just wondering, because your post was pretty explicit that you're well versed with the strip clubs in Vegas, but, are there any where you don't see nudity when you enter? As in, are there any clubs you could enter before 10pm that would still have the women clothed unless in a private room? I said that I would accompany some friends to one if I was guaranteed to not see anything if I didn't want to, so I'm trying to do a little research beforehand, since I was doubtful that one that wasn't at least topless upon entry even existed.

I appreciate any input you have!

My Response:

Hello Sandy,

This is a great question because I actually had to think about it. Unfortunately, aside from Deja Vu , where they put their tops on after 4am I do not believe what you are asking for exists. However, I am going to double check and try to find the right answer for you.

One more thing, If you don't want to see anything, why go? Let your friends go. There are plenty of other things to do in Las Vegas without having to spend your money at a spot where girls are dancing for money.

Hit a club or a bar or a show. That's just my opinion.

These are some great alternatives to strip clubs in Las Vegas if you want adult entertainment:

Fantasy at Luxor
Absinthe at Caesars Palace
Zumanity at New York/New York
Thunder from Down Under
Chippendales at Rio

Also remember that nightclubs in Las Vegas are just as provocative as strip clubs and people there are dancing and mingling and not getting paid for it.

WAIT, It gets interesting now.

Reader Sandy writes: (I changed the name because of the content of the question):

Honesty Zeke,

I lied to you. You responded so kindly that I feel horrible for it, so here's the truth: My boyfriend that’s planning on asking my dad for my hand this month went to Vegas for his friends bachelor party and promised me that he wouldn't go to a strip club. He said he had no desire to do so, but ended up going, and actually admitted it to me which was nice. He claimed that he sat in the corner, and that everyone who approached him was covered, and that the guys who he went with teased him for being gay and he just took it and told them he had a headache or something. The problem is, every guy that I know who has gone to a strip club said that there is no possible way that he didn't see something, so I wanted to look into it. I'm upset because he keeps throwing it in my face that he told me the truth and that's why it became a conflict, but I don't feel like it was sincerely the truth. It was on a Saturday afternoon that they went, I think around 5? A bunch of Indians and my little white guy haha.

I'm pretty sure we spoke around 7 and he said they had already gone, so that was the time frame I was going on.

I had a gut feeling that they couldn't be fully covered by bra or boy shorts, but I wanted to know for sure before saying anything.

I’m the Las Vegas expert so I felt I should respond. I’m also happily married with kids and I believe there is a Las Vegas for everyone. This is not a “one size fits all” town.

My response:

I feel I should respond simply because if you have never been into a strip club you would not have this knowledge.

Girls make money for taking their tops off and in some locations they go full nude.  Let's assume your boyfriend/fiance did go to the club with his friends. Let's assume he also decided to sit away from the crowd. We could also say that he sat with his friends. As girls walk around the room looking to give people "Lap Dances" they do have bikini tops and bottoms on. They don't give away anything for free. So, technically he is not lying when he did not see anything. He was probably approached by plenty of women asking if he wanted a dance and he probably said no. They move on and find another person to try to make a quick $20 from.

That is what a strip club is. I have seen plenty of guys in these places both good and bad.

For what it is worth:
I've been married for 17 years. Very happy life with a wife who loves me and TRUSTS me. She is well aware that I have to go to strip clubs on occasion to write about them. It's part of  the job. I wouldn't say she is happy about that but I would say that her greatest concern is not naked women dancing near me. I don't enjoy strip clubs but I have been there with friends for their bachelor parties. I have sat off to the side and done pretty much what your boyfriend has done. You see that often. It's not a big deal and as guys we will always give some guy grief who does not want to participate. It's what we do. Get a group of guys together and we do dumb things.

What I'm trying to say is that if you are going to marry this guy, maybe you just need to trust him. Don't worry about him seeing a pair of boobs at a strip club because he can go to the grocery store and have a meaningful conversation with a stranger than can mean more.   If you already cannot trust him ask yourself if you'll be ok with him traveling for business or having an attractive co-worker.

Sorry for getting all serious with you. If you love someone, just believe in them. If you can't believe in them, then maybe you don't love them enough to spend the rest of your life with them.

Why do I share this question that begged to be answered?

This type of question is very common from people who have never been to Las Vegas and they have a spouse or partner going to the Las Vegas strip. With so many things to do in Las Vegas I often want to just tell them that the amount of diversions will make it okay, but I am not sure that is what people want to hear.

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