Nudism in Sweden

Stockholm Sweden Beach
Jan Nilsson / EyeEm / Getty Images

Swedes are open-minded and many like to swim or sunbathe in the nude. Nudism in Sweden is nothing unusual and Swedes make it clear that the purpose of nudism/naturism is strictly non-erotic and non-sexual. One prejudice is that Sweden is all about sex and nudism (which is incorrect). This closed-minded prejudice stems from early teachings about sex in Swedish schools.

Popular Nude Beaches

So what do you do if you want to enjoy the beach naked?

Well, nudism in Sweden can be practiced at the many nude beaches in Sweden. If you want to visit a dedicated nude beach in Sweden, you can find the one closest to your destination using our maps of nude beaches. These great nude beaches are especially popular amongst nudists:

  • Stockholm: Ågesta Nude Beach
  • Södertälje / Stockholm: Tullan Nude Beach
  • Stockholm-Saltsjöbaden: Svärdsön Nude Beach
  • Stockholm-Vaxholm: Säbyträsk Nude Beach
  • Lidköping: Truvebadet Nude Beach
  • Uddevalla: Mollön peninsula
  • Gothenburg: Smitska Udden Nude Beach
  • Mönsterås: Ramsöbadet Nude Beach (closed)
  • Öregrund: Tallparksbadet Nude Beach
  • Arboga: Herrfallet Nude Beach