Yes, Norway Has Nudist Beaches

A sunny beach in Norway
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Nudism in Norway is fairly common and widely accepted. There are about 20 declared nude beaches ("free beaches") along Norway's coastline and fjords.

Besides those official beaches, nudists in Norway have unlimited possibilities all over the country to take a swim in the nude without being embarrassed and without embarrassing anybody. Anyone can find a secluded bathing spot at any time along the long coastline.

Although Norway is in the north, the climate is fairly temperate, which means there are about three months in the summer when the water is warm enough to swim in. That said, the swimming and tanning season in Norway is still relatively short compared to countries farther south, and it's recommended that travelers plan to take advantage of the sunshine as much as possible. You'll be able to tan here, but it might take a little extra effort.

Strandskog Nude Beach on the Bunnefjorden, the central portion of the Oslofjord in southeastern Norway east of the Nesodden peninsula, may be Norway's most popular nude beach. Considered one of the best nude beaches in Norway, Strandskog is also one of the smaller ones. It features a pretty, partially sandy beach with plenty of privacy.

Strandskog Beach is less touristy, so feel free to enjoy the beach as long as possible during the summer months in order to bask in the sun and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

Clothing is optional at this beach, which is considered a C/O or "free" beach." Since this is an official Norwegian nude beach, there are public beach facilities available, such as toilets and free drinking water. 

How to Find Strandskog Beach

Strandskog nude beach is easy to find. To drive to the nude beach from Oslo, travelers should go south on the E18 until they are close to the town of Lian. Then, they should look for a right turn onto Ljansbrukveien; go 1.6 kilometers (1 mile), and turn right on Ingierstrandveien/Fv126. Finally, go 5 kilometers (3.5 miles), just past house number 98. There are two parking lots available where beach visitors can park.

Using the bus, visitors can get to Strandskog nude beach by hopping on the 907 bus line from Kolbotn station in Oslo to the Prosted bus stop.

Once there, they need only walk 250 meters south to their destination.

Nearby, at 1420 Svartskog, travelers can enjoy Svartskog Park, a fantastic place to walk, hike, or cycle. The landscape, water, and horizon are perfect for beachgoers looking for beautiful views and exercise during the day or evening. The more adventurous will want to explore the park's farmlands, fields, and oak forests, where there is a wide variety of plant life and ponds, which can also be accessed on County Road 126.

Other Nude Beaches In Norway

Aside from Strandskog Beach, the following are chief among the many other popular free naturist beaches and clothing-optional beaches in Norway:

  • In the Oslo region: Huk nude beach on Bygdøy peninsula on the west side of the Oslo city center; Kalvøya nude beach in Sandvika.
  • In western Norway: Kollevågen beach on Askøy island near Bergen; Hjertøya nude beach in Molde; Mauren nude beach near Alesund.
  • Central and northern Norway: Ursetvika nude beach near Saltfjorden/Bodø; the former Djupvika nude beach near Trondheim is now closed.

Nudist travelers can easily find these beaches on our maps of Scandinavian nude beaches sorted by country.

Note that while nudism in Scandinavia is acceptable practically anywhere, you should be on your good behavior. Being on a clothing-optional beach does not mean that sexually offensive, indecent behavior or overt sexual advances toward others are acceptable; they absolutely are not. You can be fined if your actions towards others are found offensive, whether you're a nudist or not.

For the nudist, the practice of nudism is about going without clothing in mixed groups for purposes of good health or personal comfort. Governed by a strict set of rules, nudism itself is purposely nonerotic and nonsexual.

That said, If you prefer to visit a beach area where clothing is required or recommended, there are numerous great non-nudist sandy beaches in Norway, mainly in the south and west.

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