What You Need to Know About Nudism in Iceland

Breidavik beach, Westfjords Iceland
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When you think of places to go naked, Iceland is probably the last destination to come to mind. Located between Greenland and Scandinavia, this cold country in the North Atlantic Ocean is known for its Polar Nights in winter when there is barely any sunlight during the day.

Nudity is legal in Iceland, so it's not uncommon to see people skinny-dipping or tanning topless here. But you may want to brush up on the country's cultural norms before you strip down.

Pick an Appropriate Spot

Despite the cooler weather in Iceland, this destination offers many hot springs and rural locations where you can be naked, and there are swimming areas in all regions of the country. However, there are no official nude beaches (aka clothes-free beaches) or dedicated nudist locations in Iceland, and that's definitely something to keep in mind.

This means that the place you pick may also attract other visitors, who aren't as open-minded towards nudism as you are. Note that the spas in and around Reykjavik generally do not allow nudity. The same goes for the Blue Lagoon. Because of this, nudists in Iceland often select a remote location for naturist activities ​or rent swimming areas/pools after hours. This is especially useful for nudist groups!

Public Pool Rules

There are many public places to swim or take a relaxing dip in Iceland. But most have very strict rules. Before you dive in, you must wash off naked in the changing room showers, which are sometimes not private. (Think: one giant shower room shared with other women or men.) Most larger pools and hot springs, such as the Blue Lagoon, have private cubicles to bathe. Iceland pools don't have much chlorine in them, so the shower is simply for hygienic reasons. It is also mandatory to wear swimsuits in all public pools—though women are typically not required to wear bathing suit tops. As long as you follow these simple etiquette guidelines, you should be fine to suit up (or strip down) and have a good time!

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