Nudism and Nudist Beaches in Denmark

Down By The Sea in Skagen Denmark
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Nudists love Denmark for its liberal attitude toward nudism and the many clothing optional beaches. In fact, most of the beaches along Denmark’s 7,000 kilometers of coastline are clothing-optional. Nudism in Denmark is so acceptable, you can count on signs being posted should a beach require you to remain clothed (such as at Holmsland Klit in West Jutland and Henne Strand). Having said that, if a Danish beach is not a dedicated nudist beach, anyone without clothing has an obligation to show consideration for the sensibilities of other users by keeping a reasonable distance from them. The law does not become involved in monitoring nude sunbathing and swimming unless someone else is being bothered or offended by the nude activity.

You're never too far from a beach in Denmark so going to the coast makes for an easy day trip. Many Danish beaches are wild, windswept, and sandy with dunes and wild grasses but there are also sheltered small beaches ideal for picnic or quiet getaway.

Official Nude Beaches 

Denmark does offer several designated clothing-free beaches which are officially dedicated to nudists. These are located south of Marielyst at Bøtø Strand on the island Falster, at Albuen on the island Lolland, on Houstrup Strand (part nude and part clothed) north of Hennestrand, and at Sønderstrand on the Island Rømø. There's so much room on these beaches that people don't have to sit within feet of each other and you can enjoy your freedom.

Popular Naturist Bathing Areas

Bathing areas not specifically designated as nude beaches but frequented by naturists, are the beaches around Skagen and Tannisbugten (Tannis Bay), Hirtshals on the island of Vendsyssel-Thy, and north of Løkken, between Nr. Lyngby and Rubjerg Knude. All of the western coasts are regarded as one large free beach by nudists in Denmark (except Holmsland Klit and Henne Strand.)

North of Aarhus Harbor, you'll encounter many people swimming and sunbathing in the nude and the same goes for the beaches on the Danish island of Anholt, Thurø Rev at Svendborg on the island of Funen (Fyn), Troldeskovens Strand between Tisvilde and Liseleje on the island of Sjælland, as well as the south coast of the island of Bornholm.

Naturist Resorts and Camps

Denmark's only year around naturist campground, Naturistcamping Nordjylland is located in Aalborg.  Solvennerne Tysmosen is a small, but lovely campground offering a pool and sauna, as well as trailer camping (day passes are available too). Solbakken Camping overlooks the fjord and is just an hour from Copenhagen. There are many seasonal resorts and campsites dotted throughout Denmark that draw naturists from all over Europe.

Danish Naturist Union

The Danish Naturist Union is an organization for five naturist associations and offers a digital magazine to members that include campsite and travel information. The organization is part of the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI) which has a listing of clubs and resorts in Denmark and in forty countries throughout the world. 

The INF-FNI provides a variety of services to naturists including special events including a bi-annual World Congress, international sports events such as swimming, boule tournaments, as well as notification of events through newsletters.

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