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One of the best things about a honeymoon or romantic getaway is getting to take your clothes off and frolic together naked in a warm, safe, private place. I've gotten a lot of email to that effect, asking where in the world a couple can find a nude beach or clothing-optional resort to bare it all.

Nude sun-bathing more popular than you might think: A recent Roper poll indicated that some 40 million Americans experienced skinny dipping in mixed company at some time in their life.

Anyone can become a nudist. One's background, age, level of fitness, and color are unimportant when it comes to enjoying the freedom of going bare. That's part of why naturism appeals to people from all walks of life. Once you try it, you may find that social nudity fosters self respect, body acceptance, respect for other people, and a greater appreciation of the natural environment.

If you're a member of a couple who likes to get the full picture before you delve into something new, here's help. In service to you, dear reader, I've scoured the Web and present these resources that provide in-depth information on where you can bask in your birthday suit and support the practice of doing so.

Before You Go Nude

Acquaint Yourselves with Naturism
FAQs, etiquette and much more, just in case one of you needs to be convinced.

A Brief History of Naturism
Where this sensual experience began.

Protect Your Skin
Information and early warning signs from the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Join In

If you'd like to learn more about social nudity, consider joining an organization that supports nude recreation. As a member, you'll receive updates on programs and fresh bulletins about nude beaches and other places where adults enjoy social nudity. 

Dues can help to support the opening of new nudist clubs, colonies, parks, nude beaches, and nude resorts in your area and also educate the public about the pleasures and benefits of nude recreation.

American Association for Nude Recreation
The leading nudist organization promoting the freedom to enjoy fun, wholesome nude recreation.

International Naturists Association
An extensive collection of links and information for naturists to explore the nude lifestyle in an environment of body acceptance. Includes photos from family-friendly nude beaches, winter nudist events and pictures of favorite nude resorts and beaches.

Naked News
(Which is far more nude than nude news.) Find it easier to learn the days news when it's delivered by a comely clothesfree lass? It'll cost you almost $200 a year for a subscription, but it may be preferable to watching a Cheeto-faced politician.

Nudes in the News
You'd be surprised by how many people accomplish great things such as naked scuba diving, boating and even giving a museum tour wearing no clothes at all. Clothesfree delivers current events and beach updates on this page, and more. 

Nudist Explorer
Search engine dedicated to the topic but with no adult or sexually explicit links.

The Naturist Society
Whether you view naturism as a way of life or a form of recreation, TNS explores naturism in all its variety.

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