Nude Beach in Hamburg

Sommerbad Volksdorf is the best Nudist Beach in Hamburg

Sommerbad Volksdorf in Hamburg

Maybe it is overselling it to call FKK Sommerbad Volksdorf the best nudist beach in Hamburg as it is the only nudist beach in Hamburg, but this all natural lake in the district of Volksdorf in the northeast of Hamburg is truly a destination. It is dedicated to naturists and nudists, which is not such a strange thing as almost any German beach (or German abroad) is subject to the occasional penis/vagina sighting - especially in Eastern Germany.

But rarely is a location dedicated solely to nude bathing. Whether you are a nudism enthusiast (known as FKK in Germany or body-shy newbie, this guide will prepare to visit the best nude beach in Hamburg.

The Best Nudist Beach in Hamburg

Open since 1981, it is operated by the Hamburg Federation of Naturism and Family Sport eV (HFK). The lake is co-ed, and you can feel free to sunbathe and swim naked, as well as enjoy sports activities without the burden of your clothes. The FKK Sommerbad provides both shaded areas surrounded by big trees on long grassy lawns and bright sandy beach. The waters are well-maintained with plenty of room to swim and splash in the enclosed 50m lanes or freestyle. For the competitive swimmer, there are starting blocks and a 1m and 3m springboard. On the more leisurely side of things, there is a slide to get a view of all the other naked people before you descend into the cooling waters.

A lifeguard ensures that all play is safe. It comes with immaculate amenities like dressing rooms, showers, a playground, a restaurant, and various sports grounds. There are youth leagues that take advantage of the extensive facilities like volleyball courts, tennis and Tischtennis (table tennis). There is even a picturesque sauna just off the lake at Haus am See so Germans can achieve the pinnacle of good health - a good steam.

Contrary to some newcomers expectations that an all-nude location would be skeevy or sexually-oriented, the Sommerbad has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is popular among families. If you are not certain whether sunbathing and swimming in the nude is the right thing for you, you can also wear a swimsuit, but its likely you'll feel comfortable disrobing by the end of your visit.

Membership for Sommerbad Volksdorf

Frequent users should consider becoming a member. It is a tight-knit group and membership offers many advantages such as a site key for visits outside of opening times. Members also get a key for the sauna.

There are also community duties, such as a rule requiring eight hours community work. There is a trial period so you can decide if it is the right fit for you, and no payment is required at this time.

Membership Fees

Individuals: €50.00
Couples / families : €75
Under 17 years old free

Visitor Information for Sommerbad Volksdorf

Address: Moorbekweg 100, 22359 Hamburg
Phone: 040 603 47 30


Opening Hours: June 1st - August 31st; daily from 10:30 - 18:00

Admission: Kids under 6 years old are free; 6 to 17 years-old 2 Euros; Adults 4 Euros

Getting There: Take the Metro U1 until "Buchenkamp". Map directions can be found here.

Parking: Available for cars and bicycles.

The water is generally rated excellent, but up-to-date conditions can be found here.

Note that photography is verboten (strictly forbidden).


  • Dressing Rooms
  • Showers
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Table Tennis
  • Sauna - 4 euro entrance (under 17 free). In the months of September to May, the sauna is only open to club members. During the bathing season, the sauna is open for non-members from Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:30. Note that while clothing is optional in the swimming and lounging areas, it is firmly forbidden in the sauna.
  • Restaurant