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Shell bay across to Old Harry Rocks, Dorset, UK, Dusk
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Does the idea of shedding your clothes at a nude beach or resort and frolicking alone together by the water, or with like-minded men and women, appeal to you? Then use this directory to help guide you to one in the destination of your choice. Since the desire to go naked under the sun is almost universal, you can find such places almost anywhere in the world where nudity is permitted (or laws unenforced). 

Keep in mind, there are many varieties of nude venues: Certain resorts, campsites, private clubs, beaches and sections of beaches, and spas all cater to customers who feel more comfortable in the nude. At certain locations, the two of you can revel in total privacy. Others attract a community of like-minded sun worshipers. 

America's Nude Beaches and Resorts

You may be surprised by how many nude beach spots and nude beach resorts flourish across the USA. Here's your guide to ones that stretch from Santa Cruz, California (home of the Red, White, and Blue nude beach) to Moshup nude beach in Martha's Vineyard, where the weather can turn cold early.

Nude Beach Getaways Elsewhere

Whether you're searching for a nude beach or resort in the Caribbean, Mexico, even Europe, you can find recommended spots here:

Nude Cruises

Imagine sailing with nothing but the wind at your back. Nude package cruises lead vacationers to new and remote beach spots that they may not gain access to through any other means of transportation.

How to Behave at a Nude Beach

Find out more about nude beach etiquette. Gawking and staring are frowned upon where people vacation clothes free. Try to maintain eye contact when you encounter another nude person, avoid touching without an invitation to do so, and respect others' privacy.

Nude Beach Organizations and Resources

Find out more about organizations that support nude vacations. Many couples who enjoy going nude consider joining one. The advantages of becoming a member include vacationing with like-minded people and getting the inside skinny on the best nude beach getaways. 

If you are interested in visiting a nude beach or resort, these additional resources can help you to find out more about nudism and places where the practice is welcomed.

No, No to Nudity?

The nude vacation or lifestyle isn't for everyone. So don't allow anyone to pressure you to visit a nude beach or resort. However, if you're nude-curious, you may be able to purchase a day pass at a nude resort in order to briefly experience the lifestyle.

Wherever you do, know that a visit to a nude beach is a natural experience and the pleasure of sunning and swimming at a nude beach is one you may long remember. So pick a place, check to make sure the nude beach is open to the public, and get ready to shed your cares, your clothes, and your inhibitions on vacation.

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