Now Taking Off: Upgraded Airport Parking

Parking at every price

One of the biggest travel stresses is airport parking. It’s become a gold mine for airports, so they are offering many more parking options for travelers that ensure a space is waiting.  Below are four U.S. airports that offer great parking options at different price points and benefits.  

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    BWI Airport has hourly, daily, express and long-term parking that works for every budget. Hourly parking, at $22 a day, is right next to the airport, so you can easily walk to the terminals. The garage features Smart Park technology, where customers can see how many spaces are available and follow the green lights to an open space. Daily parking, at $12 a day, offers a shuttle bus to the airport. it also features Smart Park technology. For $10 a day, those using the Express parking lot get picked up by a shuttle bus, where the driver will help you with your luggage. Finally, the Long Term Economy Lots have more than 10,000 parking spaces with shuttle stops positioned throughout the lots for $8 a day.

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    Boston-Logan International Airport

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    Those traveling out of Boston-Logan have access to the facility’s Lexus Parking PASSport Gold program, which offers touchless payment and guaranteed parking -- including spaces in the popular Terminal B garage. There’s an initiation fee of $200, plus an annual $100 membership fee; parking is $34 a day, but as an airport with lots that fill quickly, the fees are worth it if you travel regularly out of Boston Logan.

    If that’s too steep, the airport has economy parking for $20 a day and regular parking for $29 a day. And to make paying for your parking quickly and easily, Boston Logan makes its Exit Express Card available,which allows users to automatically charge the credit card of choice. And if there’s trouble when you arrive or depart, customers have access to free services, including jump starts, help with lock outs, lost car searches and air for deflated or flat tires.


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    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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    For busy travelers, the airport offers Gold Reserve parking at $30 a day, which guarantees a parking space in a reserved parking area and no waiting in line. Parking lots are located steps away from the domestic and international terminals on ground level of the parking decks, with covered private entrances and exits equipped with an intercom for customer assistance. When creating an account, an advance payment of $200 is established and maintained at all times along with a $25 Automated Vehicle Identification “AVI” windshield transponder fee. Users are required to pay an annual non-refundable minimum usage fee of $360 is established as well.

    The Park-Ride Reserve Lot accommodates customers who want a reserved space. This concept is ideal for customers with busy schedules and prefers hassle- free, no wait in lines and a guaranteed space. As a member of the Park-Ride Reserve Club, spaces are available in a lot adjacent to South Terminal Parkway. The cost is $12 a day. The Hourly lot is $36 a day, Daily is $16 a day, Economy $12 a day and Airport Park-ride, $9 a day. The airport’s Courtesy Assistance Services provides such as free jump-starts, air, flat tire repair and vehicle location.

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    For $30 a day, customers have access to Gold Key Valet, what the airport calls its quickest, most convenient way to park. The service is available 24 hours a day, every day. It even offers car wash and detailing for automobiles at prices ranging from $25 for a basic wash to $100 for express detailing.

    Short-term parking, at $27 a day, connects to a skybridge and tunnels to the terminal. The lot includes six electric vehicle charging stations, located on the fourth floor of the garage near the south skybridge. Long Term parking, at $21 a day, has more than 3,000 covered spaces. The airport has a 7,900-space Economy Lot that offers free parking shuttles that run to the main terminal every 7-9 minutes from 4:00 a.m. to midnight, and every 15 minutes from midnight to 4:00 a.m. The airport also offers free jump starts and flat tire assistance.