November Weather in Portugal

Porto, Portugal
••• Patrik Bergström / Getty Images

Come November, the weather in Portugal will still be pleasant enough for sightseeing, sitting on the beach with a book, or enjoying a meal al fresco. There should still be sunshine to be seen throughout most of the country. As always, we recommend bringing a waterproof jacket as Portugal's autumns tend to be wetter than its summers. Also, while there are fewer tourists and more travel bargains in Portugal in November, you can still take advantage its temperate weather.

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Enjoy the View in Lisbon

There are lots to see and do in Lisbon, and even in November, the weather is nice enough to comfortably go site-seeing and enjoy the city's miraduoros, or lookout points. Make sure to grab a hotel with a gorgeous view of the city, if you can!

The average maximum temperature in Lisbon in November is 64°F/18°C. The average minimum temperature is 53°F/12°C.

Take a Stroll in Porto

In November you should be able to still stroll along the Cais de Vila Nova de Gaia where the port wine cellars are and take in beautiful views while enjoying a port wine, or just something to eat. And remember, a waterproof is always handy to have.

Here's a list of the top-rated hotels in Porto. In November, you're sure to find good rates, as most tourists will have already gone home.

You can also book a pub crawl tour of the city's trendier areas if the port wine wasn't enough! 

The average maximum temperature in Porto in November is 62°F/17°C. The average minimum temperature is 47°F/8°C.

Skip the Swim and Stay for the View in Algarve

While you won't be diving into the ocean in November, you also will still be able to enjoy the views of Algarve's amazing beaches, some which are considered the best in the world.

Since swimming in the ocean isn't going to happen this time around, why not get a hotel with a spa? All the relaxation of the beach, but nice and indoors.

The average maximum temperature in the Algarve in November is 68°F/20°C. The average minimum temperature is 52°F/11°C.

Bring a Jacket for the Douro Valley

It can get chilly in the Douro valley particularly at night, but this can be more pleasant than visiting the valley during the hotter temperatures of the summer or the cold temperatures of the winter. Of course, even on the train, you can take in many of the Douro Valley's views

Here's a list of top rated hotels in the Douro. There are countless wine tours in the Douro Valley, and we highly recommend booking one to get a well-rounded feel of the area. You won't regret it!

The average maximum temperature in Vila Real in the Douro Valley in November is 56°F/14°C. The average minimum temperature is 42°F/5°C.