November Weather in Las Vegas

Average Temperatures in Las Vegas

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The fall brings cooler temperatures to Las Vegas and the possibility of rain. Don't worry, if you are leaving winter-like conditions back home you will feel a reprieve in Las Vegas. The days might be a bit windy but you can almost be guaranteed that the Las Vegas weather will be more favorable than home. The nighttime temperatures can get chilly so prepare for that with a heavy sweater or coat. Inside, as always it feels like the middle of summer.

Don't forget that hockey season is in full gear so head over to T-Mobile Arena to catch a Las Vegas Golden Knights game or just spend time at The Park Las Vegas and get a full dose of the new Vegas atmosphere surrounding their first professional sports team.

Average Temperatures in November in Las Vegas

  • Average High Temperature in November in Las Vegas: 67 F (19.4 C)
  • Average Low Temperature in November in Las Vegas: 42 F (5.5 C)
  • Average Rainfall in November in Las Vegas: .43”
  • Average Humidity in November in Las Vegas: 31%

So you are thinking about visiting Las Vegas in November? Football fans are excited to watch some games and a few people will still be looking for the pools even though the weather has cooled off. Find a Las Vegas hotel that works during November. Thanksgiving festivities are always fun in Las Vegas so research some restaurants in Las Vegas for the holiday meals. Find a show in Las Vegas by checking out our list and descriptions and then compare some prices. There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas during the month of November so have some fun.

Pool Season in November in Las Vegas?

Not a chance unless the hotel has a heated pool or you decided on the extra large tub in your suite.

Walking Weather in November in Las Vegas?

Go for a brisk walk in the morning or a real comfortable trot in the middle of the day. Late evening walks can get cold so be aware of that. Try the LINQ Las Vegas for a stroll that involves a little food and drink. If you just want to window shop the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace are always climate controlled.

Golf Conditions in November in Las Vegas?

It always feels cold to me by November but it is definitely golf weather. You will be playing on golf courses with fewer people as locals start to avoid to cool temperatures.

Perfect Attractions in November in Las Vegas

Mountain Biking in Red Rock Canyon. Oh yeah, warm up by hitting some single track trails.

Possible Day Trips in November in Las Vegas

Now drive to the Grand Canyon because the crowds are gone and the temperatures are perfect for a long drive.

Something you should know about November in Las Vegas

It always seems colder than you think if you come from California and warmer than you would think if you are from back east. If you live in the North, Las Vegas feels like a tropical vacation in November.

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