November in New Zealand

Weather and What to See and Do in New Zealand During November

Lupines season in Lake Tekapo
Lupines blooming at Lake Tekapo in late November. Please contact through my email

As the last month of Spring, the weather in New Zealand becomes notably warmer and (usually more settled) during the month of November. Although there can be cold snaps (particularly in the South Island), most kiwis enjoy November as the start of the warmer weather.

Although the skiing season is over, it's a great time of the year to be exploring the country. The days are getting longer and pleasantly warm for exploring the outdoors.

Pros of Visiting New Zealand in November

  • Temperatures are pleasant but without being hot.
  • Despite the good weather, it's a quiet month for tourists. Accommodation is plentiful and usually at low season rates.

Cons of Visiting New Zealand in November

  • The skiing is over! Although there may be snow on the upper reaches of the mountains (which makes a spectacular sight), there is not generally enough for skiing. The resorts and ski fields are usually closed by late October.
  • Weather can be changeable. Cold and wet snaps are a distinct possibility throughout the month.

What's On in November: Festivals and Events

Although many people are beginning to think about preparing for Christmas, the warmer weather brings a greater range of events and activities. Here are some highlights:

Other Things to Do in New Zealand in November