Events in Spain in November

Visiting Spain in November? Find out what's going on around the country

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If you're taking a trip to Spain in November, you've picked a good time to visit this wonderful country. Film lovers can take in the many film festivals, with more of them planned in the northern part of the country. Fans of jazz will also have the chance to check out some big-name jazz artists—both Madrid and Granada have major jazz festivals dedicated to this music genre. You'll also find festivals for beverage tastings, theater, and kites. Be sure to add some of the following events to your November itinerary.

And if these don't appeal to you, there are other great things to do in Spain in November.

(Note that on All Saints' Day (November 1), many shops and services are closed on this public holiday in Spain.

Beverage Tastings in Spain in November

International Sherry Week (Jerez): November 6–12: This global celebration honors the delightful fortified wine that was invented in Jerez. During this weeklong event, you'll find sherry served in public and private events in tabancos, hotels, bars, restaurants, universities, wine clubs, and bodegas. 

Feast of the Orujo (Potes, Cantabria):  November 10–12: The streets of Potes have public distillation and tastings of Orujo, a Spanish type of grappa.

San Andres Festival (Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife): November 29: This celebration is traditionally about tasting the new year's wine, but it's more about making some noise. Partiers drag pots, pans, and noisy metal objects through the town's streets. Bring earplugs. 

Film Festivals in Spain in November

    Jazz Festivals in Spain in November

    More Festivals in Spain in November

    International Theater Festival (Vitoria): November 5–26: For more than 40 years, this festival has showcased a variety of theater genres, both national and international. You'll find everything from avant-garde to classical. Don't miss this annual cultural highlight in Vitoria, part of the Basque country.

    Fuerteventura International Kite Festival (Corralejo, Fuerteventura, on the Canary Islands): November 9– 12: Since 1987, this four-day event has taken place on the beach dunes and draws visitors from all over the world. More than 150 kites are given to children to fill the skies with colorful kites. Activities include kite exhibitions, workshops, and competitions. 

    Weather in Spain in November

    November weather in Spain may still be (cooler) sunshine in Andalusia and in the southeast of Spain, but central and northern Spaniards will begin digging out their winter clothes. Take this into account when packing for your trip. 

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