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TripSavvy Is Celebrating Arts and Culture in November

The arts have always been one of the primary things I center my travels around. When I visit a new city, one of my favorite things is to spend an afternoon museum hopping, checking out the latest exhibitions on view. I also love to walk around and observe street art, book tickets to a musical or theatrical performance, or just sit in a cafe and take in local fashion. For me, the arts are the gateway to understanding a destination's culture, and the time I spend listening, observing, or taking in creative beauty is key to gaining insight into my surroundings.

Last week, I finally made my way to the recently opened Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. It was at the top of my list of things to do on this particular trip to Los Angeles, and it exceeded all of my expectations. As a movie lover, I was immediately absorbed into the set pieces, costumes, archival footage, and comprehensive history of the film industry from the second I stepped through the door.

After hours of feasting on the museum's many exhibitions, including "Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898-1971," which I highlighted last year, I decided to cancel my lunch reservations and stay the entire afternoon. Over the next few days, I couldn't stop gushing about my time at the museum to anyone who would listen. My visit left me feeling moved, inspired, uplifted, and recharged.

This month, TripSavvy is celebrating the joyous feelings that our favorite arts and cultural institutions bring us. Whether you're a fan of visual art, fashion, music, or theatre or just enjoy spending afternoons perusing street art in your neighborhood, we've commissioned a package of features that will transfix you, delight you, and make you more excited than ever to go out into the world and experience beautiful things.

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