Norwegian Gem Cruise Ship Outdoor Decks and Pool Areas

Norwegian Gem at sea

Norwegian Cruise Line 

The outdoor areas on a cruise ship are one of the most important parts of the ship since these areas help to distinguish a cruise ship from a hotel or resort. The outdoor decks of a ship almost always have a breeze, and the sun, pool, and fun recreation areas are some of the factors that attract travelers to ships.

The Norwegian Gem has two beautiful pool areas. The Tahitian Pool is located on deck 12 and has two swimming pools, four hot tubs, and a water slide. Most cruise ship casinos are found inside the ship. However, gamblers can enjoy the sun and the tables in the Norwegian Gem PoolSide Casino.

Parents traveling with small children don't have to worry about their kids not having a water play area of their own. The Norwegian Gem has both a kid's pool and a kid's shower. Both are perfect for splashing and paddling, and small children love them.

The Norwegian Gem Courtyard Pool is private and reserved for guests staying in the Courtyard Garden Villa suites. This covered pool area has a hot tub, gym equipment, steam room, and top-of-the-ship sundeck. The Courtyard Garden Villas are expensive, but the suites and the adjoining courtyard are spectacular. Some passengers never even leave the Courtyard or their villa for the entire cruise!

If you can't afford to stay in the garden villas, the Norwegian Gem Tahitian Pool has some lounge chairs and lots of ongoing activities. Or, you can just sit in one of the chairs and read till you drift away.

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Norwegian Gem Pool Deck

Aerial view of the Norwegian Gem pool deck
Norwegian Cruise Line

This aerial photo provides an excellent overview of the outdoor sun and pool deck on deck 12 of the Norwegian Gem cruise ship.  The deck has two swimming pools, six hot tubs, a water slide, and hundreds of lounges and chairs. 

This deck is often very busy on sea days, especially if it is warm and the sun is shining. Guests may have to seek out a lounge chair early in the day when the ship is at sea, or check back after some of the early birds have gone inside.

The Norwegian Gem also has a wonderful, comfortable lounge on the pool deck. It's in the shade and perfect for outdoor reading or interacting with new friends.

The Norwegian Gem also has a combination basketball, volleyball, and tennis court outdoors on deck 13. 

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Bali Hai Outdoor Bar and Grill on the Norwegian Gem

Bali Hai Outdoor Bar on the Norwegian Gem
Norwegian Cruise Line

Located on deck 13, the Bali Hai Bar and Grill is a perfect casual eatery for times you don't want to leave the outdoor decks or change out of your swimsuit. The grilled food is tasty and complimentary.

The Norwegian Gem also has a second bar and grill outdoors on deck 12, It's called Topsiders, and swimsuits are welcome just like at Bali Hai.

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Norwegian Gem Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors on the Norwegian Gem
Norwegian Cruise Line

Larger than the Bali Hai Bar and Grill but still outdoors, the Great Outdoors is a complimentary outdoor casual dining venue on the Norwegian Gem cruise ship. However, this restaurant is a buffet dining venue and bar located on deck 12 that still features grilled items like hamburgers and hot dogs. 

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Norwegian Gem Haven Courtyard

Norwegian Gem Haven Courtyard
Norwegian Cruise Line

The Haven is the Norwegian Gem's exclusive enclave, which includes the cruise ship's suites and luxurious private areas. The Haven Courtyard is an indoor/outdoor pool, hot tub, and sundeck for passengers staying in The Haven.  Since The Haven Courtyard is for suite guests, the sun lounges are more luxurious than those on the sun deck. 

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Norwegian Gem Rock Climbing Wall

Norwegian Gem cruise ship rock climbing wall
Norwegian Cruise Line

Rock climbing walls are very popular on cruise ships, and the Norwegian Gem has this large one. It's as difficult as most rock climbing walls ashore, but the views of the sea from the cruise ship are much better.

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Norwegian Gem Cruise Ship Hull Artwork

Norwegian Gem exterior view
Norwegian Cruise Line

The exterior of the Norwegian Gem continues Norwegian Cruise Line's fanciful bow work, which is unique for each ship. As you can see, the bow on the Norwegian Gem is appropriately covered with "Gems". Frequent Norwegian Cruise Line guests should be able to quickly recognize this cruise ship no matter where it sails!