Norwegian Cruise Line to Ditch Its Vaccine Requirements Starting in September

Don’t forget to check local COVID-19 regulations before sailing

Norwegian Cruise ship leaving from Seattle

Port of Seattle / Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Line is changing its SailSAFE health and safety protocols following the CDC's decision to drop its COVID-19 program for cruise ships. According to a statement released by the cruise line, as of Sept. 3, 2022, Norwegian will welcome all guests on board, regardless of vaccination status. 

Of course, these changes will come with stipulations. Unvaccinated guests over 12 must present a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours before boarding. Those vaccinated will no longer have any pre-departure COVID-19 requirements. Children 11 years old or younger will not have COVID-19 restrictions and are welcome to board unvaccinated and without a negative test.

"Our long-awaited revisions to our testing and vaccination requirements bring us closer in line with the rest of society, which has learned to adapt and live with COVID-19, and makes it simpler and easier for our loyal guests to cruise on our three best-in-class brands. Health and safety is our top priority, and we will continue to modify our robust SailSAFE program as the public health environment evolves," said Frank Del Rio, president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, in a statement.

Despite the loosened regulations, Norwegian "continues to strongly recommend all guests be up to date on vaccination protocols and test at their convenience prior to travel." Some countries, including Canada, Greece, and Bermuda, still require pre-departure testing and completed COVID-19 vaccinations.

Norwegian joins other major cruise lines that have been loosening restrictions since the end of the CDC's COVID protocols. Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International have dropped pre-departure testing requirements for vaccinated guests on sailings under five or six days, respectively. 

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