Noodles at Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

Japanese Noodles at Bellagio Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Just off the casino floor, Noodles at Bellagio Las Vegas is your shot at a convenient and casual restaurant among the fancy restaurants of this luxury property. Asian specialties from the noodle world are featured on this menu that contains plenty of regional dishes from Thailand, Japan, China, and Vietnam. The restaurant delivers authentic flavors and a wide brush stroke of options for those seeking out varied cultural cravings.


  • Location: Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas, 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Cuisine: Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Noodle, Asian Dim Sum on weekends
  • Reservations: Optional
  • Attire: Casual

The Environment

Noodles restaurant doesn't only serve noodles. They have dim sum, Japanese favorites, a mix of Thai, and a bit of Vietnam to spruce up the menu. The dining room is comfortable and casual. If you are staying at the Bellagio this is the place where you want to go when you don't feel like dressing up. While this is not a fancy spot it is a great option for either lunch or dinner and because it is at Bellagio Las Vegas it is no slouch. You are getting high quality and a comfortable setting.

The Food

This is not the top ramen you ate throughout most of college. The menu is varied and extensive enough to satisfy the various palates in your family. Split some noodles and have some dim sum. It is worth the money and you might find yourself stopping by for a second try. Look at the line that forms during lunch time and you might realize that there is a reason someone would wait to get in. Yes, it is cheaper than other restaurants on the property but it will be more expensive than the noodle shop you love back home.

What to Try:

  • Mongolian Style Beef with enough spice to heighten your senses but not so much as to have you limit your intake.
  • The Penang Fried Flat Noodles taste like they have been seared in a sweet sauce that delivers a little savory love sprinkled with some salty surprises. When combined with the pork it hits all the marks for a complete noodle dish. Frankly, one bowl of these noodles is all you need for a perfect lunch. Don't share. Be greedy.
  • The Spicy Tom Yum is almost as good as a visit to Thai Town in Los Angeles. A lot of rich flavors with some good heat and just enough lemongrass to springboard your palate on to the next dish. It comes with shrimp but it is also available as a veggie dish. 
  • If you are Pho fan you'll want to savor a bowl. The broth is rich with the deep flavor that should be chicken stock but tastes a bit more like a combination of a crab boil or a shrimp bowl. Delicious and hearty yet light.
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