Noisy Hotels

Guests Complain About Noisy Hotels

Ice Dreams
"Our room was next to vending. Apparently, the walls were made of paper mache, so we got to hear ice being made throughout the night. The air conditioner was three feet above our heads -- too bad it didn't fall out of the wall and put us out of our misery!" -Brad (Michigan)

'Subtle' Sandblasting
"We were assured that the 'cosmetic' work being done on the hotel at the time of the wedding would be unnoticeable. Sandblasting the building as you walk in is not unnoticeable! Nor was it unnoticeable to have to cross picket lines because they were using non-union workers." -Tennis (Rochester, New York)

Party All Night
"Four couples staying here partied until all hours of the night out on the patio and were loud and obnoxious. The management leaves the premises at 8:00 and was unresponsive to our complaint about the noise. With such a beautiful property, it seemed out of sorts to allow this level of noise. We have never witnessed such a group of rabble rousers left unchecked. It might as well have been a bunch of teenage hockey players." -Ann (California)

Two A.M. Teens
"A group of teenagers staying there kept us awake half the night. Kids in the (very small) pool at 2 am, running up and down the halls, it was difficult to sleep. The [staff] the next day seemed aloof when I complained and acted like I should have done something about it. I told them that the staff that night knew about the teenagers and did nothing." -Stephie (Florida)

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