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The Nob Hill area of Albuquerque is a destination for visitors as well as locals. Shoppers enjoy the small shops and locally owned businesses. Those looking for nightlife flock to its cafes, brewpubs, and restaurants. Food lovers enjoy the many restaurants as well, which range from the casual to high end. There is something for everyone to be found in the area.

Where It Is

Located just east of the University of New Mexico campus and close to downtown, Albuquerque's Nob Hill runs from Lomas Boulevard on the north to Garfield Avenue and Zuni Road on the south. It stretches between Washington Street on the east to Girard Boulevard on the west.

Best Known For

  • Its cosmopolitan style. It’s where Albuquerque looks most like a big city and gets more sophisticated every year.
  • Unique galleries and shops, vibrant nightlife, and great used and vintage clothing stores.
  • The original Flying Star, which started out as a Double Rainbow in 1988. Some locals still call it “The DR.”
  • Casual as well as high-end restaurants and brewpubs.

Getting There

From downtown, head east on Central or Lomas. From Lomas, turn south on Girard and east on Central. Central Avenue lies at Nob Hill’s heart.

From I-25, get off at exit 224B (the Central exit). Head east toward the mountains. Nob Hill begins at Girard, beneath the neon arch.

Who Lives in the Nob Hill District

Nob Hill was once the bastion of college students rooming together in single-family homes. But with a recent upsurge of infill condos and upscale housing, it has become one of the most sought-after parts of the city, and as a result, one of the priciest. Area real estate prices run from $229,000 for a small 3-bedroom home to $750,000 for something larger.

Essential Information

  • Zip code: 87106
  • Nearest post office: 115 Cornell SE
  • Grocery stores, etc:
    • La Montanita Co-op at Central/Carlisle carries a wide selection of organic foods and works with local farmers to assist Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The store is in the original Nob Hill Shopping Center, an architectural icon.
    • Model Pharmacy at Girard/Monte Vista, once a filling station, is now a favorite for upscale toiletries and terrific milkshakes.
  • Nearby schools:
    • Elementary schools: Monte Vista Elementary and Bandelier Elementary
    • Middle school: Jefferson Middle School
    • High schools: Albuquerque High School and Highland High School

Shops and Restaurants in Nob Hill

Nob Hill is like hunting for hidden treasures. Whether looking for an upscale restaurant for a special occasion or just looking for your next impulse buy, Nob Hill has a place for you. Here's a list of Nob Hill business to get you started.


  • The District was listed on the National Register on August 3, 2001, making Nob Hill an official historic area.
  • Each December, Nob Hill swarms with shoppers for the annual Shop and Stroll, an evening event featuring food, music and special activities.
  • When Nob Hill was platted in 1916, a ground mounted water tank served the area’s residents. When the tank was replaced by the City’s water system, it remained, and a house was built around it. The tank became a living room. Look for them at 319 Carlisle SE.
  • The Grower’s Market at Morningside Park meets Thursday afternoons every spring through November.
  • Noted architect Louis Hesselden designed the Nob Hill Shopping Center, which still stands at Central and Carlisle. The center is a mix of Moderne and Territorial Revival styles.

Annual Events in Nob Hill

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