New Mexico State Fair Has Its Own Beer

New Mexico State Fair Beer
Aileen O'Catherine

The New Mexico State Fair has rides, food, shows, concerts and a whole lot going on. In 2015, they added a first of its kind "New Mexico State Fair Beer" in partnership with the Brewers Guild and La Cumbre Brewing Company. New Mexico has some exceptional breweries, and La Cumbre is one of the best. ​Its State Fair beer is a cream ale that has been out in shops for beer fans, and it seems a perfect beer to pair with State Fair food like corn dogs, turkey legs, and stuffed sopapillas. The beer is light in body and deep in flavor, a perfect summertime beverage.


By popular demand, the State Fair Beer was back in 2016. Pull up a glass.

The turquoise blue can incorporates a Ferris wheel design reminiscent of the popular Midway rides found at the Fair. The Brewers Guild chose La Cumbre to produce the beer. The Guild supports the local brewing scene, and the State Fair showcases New Mexico's agriculture, industries, arts, science, and technology. The beer is a perfect fit, as it showcases hops grown in New Mexico. It can be found at local retailers (we get ours from Trader Joe's) and local restaurants, leading up to the State Fair.

The cream ale will be the official beer of the New Mexico State Fair, where fairgoers can find it on site. Imagine being able to enjoy a La Cumbre quality beer at the Fair.

La Cumbre Brewing Company's owner goes to great effort to incorporate local ingredients. La Cumbre has been brewing in New Mexico since 2010 and has expanded its operations. The development of the State Fair beer has started conversations with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture to enhance the state's agricultural capabilities. 

Find the Beer at the Following Albuquerque Retailers

  • Total Wine (all locations)
  • Trader Joe's (all locations)
  • Jubilation
  • Kelly's Package Store
  • Quarters
  • Bird of Paradise Package Store
  • Stone Face Package Liquours
  • Whole Foods (all locations)
  • Soon to be available at Costco and Smiths

Find the State Fair Cream Ale on Tap at the Following Locations

  • La Cumbre Brew Pub
  • O’Neill’s – Juan Tabo
  • Two Fools Tavern
  • Brickyard Pizza
  • Standard Diner
  • Nob Hill Bar and Grill
  • Billy's Long Bar
  • Horse & Angel
  • Ribs in the East Mountains
  • Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid

The New Mexico State Fair is known for its food and drink, and the beer helps to highlight the growing local beer industry. The whole leaf hops come from the Abbey of Christ in the Desert and from New Mexico University.