The First-Ever NFT Plane Ticket Is Officially up for Auction

TravelX partnered with Air Europa to combine art, travel, and crypto

White and blue airplane with Air Europa written on it in blue in the sky. Above the plane is a blue sky and below the plane are a bunch of clouds

Courtesy of Air Europa

It was only a matter of time before NFTs found a foothold in the travel sector, and that time is now. TravelX, a company looking to integrate blockchain technology and travel, partnered with Spanish airline Air Europa to launch its NFTickets, a series of non-fungible tokens that can be redeemed for a plane ticket. 

There will only be 10 NFTickets, released from now until late August, each going up for auction on the TravelX website for 48 hours. The NFTicket represents a business-class seat on a Nov. 29 flight from Madrid to Miami for Miami Art Week and will provide access to yet-unannounced exclusive events. 

In true NFT fashion, each ticket has an associated piece of original artwork created by a prominent artist. The first, titled “Future Eternal,” was created by Miami-based artist Carlos Betancourt who has works in collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lowe Art Museum, and Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, among others. 

digital image of dozens of star-shaped lights on a black background. It is one frame from a longer video for the "Future Eternal" NFT

Carlos Betancourt / TravelX

Incorporating his collection of vintage decorative lights, the minute-long animated work evokes a kaleidoscope and "[blends] traditional collage techniques with current advance [sic] algorithms," according to Betancourt.

NFTickets are hosted on the Algorand blockchain, which touts itself as "the most efficient and greenest blockchain available." The first NFTicket had a floor price of 250 USDC (equivalent to $250) which is honestly a bargain considering a one-way ticket with AirEuropa on the same day will run you more than $1,300 for an economy seat.

However, since these are sold in an auction, it's hard to predict the winning bid. As of publishing, the highest bid on "Future Eternal" is 300 USDC. NFTickets can also be sold on crypto exchanges, so the value could skyrocket depending on the project's interest.

You need to have an Algorand wallet and sufficient USDC in your account to place a bid.

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