NEWZILL Compression Socks Review

These socks are easy to put on thanks to a special design

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NEWZILL Compression Socks

NEWZILL Compression Socks

TripSavvy / Erika Owen

What We Like
  • Easy to put on

  • Soft material

  • Breathable

What We Don't Like
  • Loose foot design

  • Feels tighter on the calves than other socks

Bottom Line

Tight compression socks can be tricky to put on, but NEWZILL designed this pair to be extra easy.


NEWZILL Compression Socks

NEWZILL Compression Socks

TripSavvy / Erika Owen

We purchased the NEWZILL Compression Socks so our reviewer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Compression socks can make off the difference on a flight when it comes to leg comfort. Not only do they help control swelling, but they also promote better circulation at high altitudes. There are plenty of options and most promote the same qualities: quick-drying functionality, comfort, compression, breathability, and odor prevention. We put the calf compression socks from NEWZILL to the test.

NEWZILL Compression Socks
TripSavvy / Erika Owen

Design: Lots of color options with a unique design

NEWZILL offers a number of different color options to fit your personal style—everything from rainbow hearts to solid colors. We chose the gray and black socks, because that color scheme generally fits in with our everyday look.

Since compression socks need to be tight, they're generally pretty tricky to put on. Add in a small, cramped space—say a seat on an airplane, for example—and putting on your socks becomes a battle. NEWZILL claims that its socks are easier to get on thanks to their design. We actually found that to be true. There also seems to be some extra space in the foot, which probably adds to that ease, as well.

NEWZILL Compression Socks
TripSavvy / Erika Owen 

Durability: Potential for spot-wearing

After one long wear and a wash, these didn't show any signs of wear, so far. After wearing these on a plane—and walking around—they felt pretty sturdy and durable. 

NEWZILL Compression Socks
TripSavvy / Erika Owen

Features: Moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial

These socks have four-way stretch, which offers even compression throughout the whole sock. They’re also made with a moisture-wicking fabric that’s also anti-bacterial to help fight odor and bacteria growth. The four-way stretch also aids in exceptional breathability—not once did our legs get overheated in these socks.

NEWZILL Compression Socks
TripSavvy / Erika Owen

Comfort: Not the most comfortable

We wouldn’t call these socks uncomfortable, but you can certainly tell when you’re wearing them. They don’t have the weightless feel that some other similar compression socks have (like the Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks that we also tested).

When you move your leg, there’s an adjustment in tightness that reminds you that you’re wearing compression socks. Again, this is not a bad thing, but something to keep in mind if you plan on wearing them for hours-on-end.

We wouldn’t call these socks uncomfortable, but you can certainly tell when you’re wearing them

The foot of the sock is very loose—we would compare it to wearing a regular crew sock—which is a strange comparison to the ultra-tight feel of the calf of the sock. 

Price: Inexpensive

These socks are under $10, which is a very affordable price to pay a more comfortable flight experience. However, you can find similar styles that offer a bit more comfort for the same price point—like the competition below.

Competition: You have other options

Knowing that there are other compression socks out there that are a tad more comfortable around the same price brings these NEWZILL compression socks down a few points. That being said, they are much easier to put on than other socks. 

The design options for these socks leave a lot to be desired. If you don’t mind a very basic color palette—or, on the flip side, bright patterns—these socks will do the trick. As opposed to the other socks that we tested, Physix Gear and Vitalsox, you'll feel a little extra pressure with the NEWZILL socks. They tightness left marks on our legs.

If these are the socks available to you in a pinch, they’ll get the job done—but there are cheaper options that look a lot better on your feet, if you can handle the shipping wait time.

Fine for the price, but not the best.

If you don’t mind tightness on your calf and a looser feel in the foot of the sock, then the size discrepancy probably wouldn’t bother you—especially when these socks are so much easier to put on than similar styles.


  • Product Name NEWZILL Compression Socks
  • Product Brand NEWZILL
  • SKU B01M8G03V0
  • Price $9.00
  • Weight 3.2 oz.
  • Color Black, black and grey argyle, carolina blue, grey, heart, pink, polka dot, purple, rainbow stripes, white, i-fire, i-ice
  • Material Lycra, Spandex, Nylon
  • What’s Included Compression socks
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