A Newbie’s Guide to the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort in Cancun

Why a swinger’s resort can be great for couples

Desire Pearl Resort, Cancun
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Looking for a vacation to arouse some honeymoon-quality heat between you and your partner? Whether you’re looking to ignite starry-eyed passion or Olympic-style mattress aerobics, Desire Resorts promises you’ll find it at their newest resort, Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico. There’s just one catch: This is a known swinger’s resort with a well-earned reputation for being on the naughty side of sexy, though it's also a little less wild than its sister property, the Desire Maya Riviera.

If you’re on the nervous side of curious, relax. With a few tips in hand, visiting a swinger's resort can be a fun and exciting experience.  Get excited and plan an eyes wide open visit with our seven sinful secrets to a successful visit to Desire:

Talk it Out Before You Go

Talking may not be the sexiest thing you do at Desire, but it will be the most important. Before you leave home, talk about your expectations, boundaries and wildest fantasies. This isn’t the time to be coy, so get down and dirty with your partner, pardon the pun. From our experience, make sure your relationship is rock solid and built on trust and love with no hidden agenda. Couples who visit Desire in the hopes to fix something may find disappointment is their traveling-home companion.

The Lobby is the Swing Zone

Check in to Desire with a mojito in the open-air lobby and give yourself time to get your bearings. Clothing is mandatory here, but it’s a loosely monitored rule. Expect to see all manners of teasing attire, but not much naughty behavior in this space. Use this time to snuggle a little closer to your partner and ask the concierge your burning questions. It’s okay to be nervous, but that will pass.

Relax into Your Naughty

After dropping your bags (and clothes) in your room, head to the pool or Jacuzzi for drinks in one of the swim-up bars. Not ready to get nude right away? Ease yourself into it. You’ll find all manner of clothing around the pools—anything goes here.

Indulge Your Inner Voyeur (or Exhibitionist)

Get ready for a sexy poolside afternoon. Yes, you’ll see couples enjoying each other sexually in public. Yes, you may chat with people who’ve just had sex. Yes, it’s hot, sexy, and a celebration of love. Just remember, it’s your choice to watch or not. Don’t worry about being approached, though. Everyone here is on the cautious side of respectful. No means No here. Always.

Satisfy Your Inner Foodie

Desire’s premier dinner restaurant, Aphrodite, serves unique interpretations of international dishes in a romantic, sensual room. Dinner is served from 6 to 10 p.m. While no reservations are required, if you have a time preference, book your table the day before. Desire is an all-inclusive resort, so there’s no extra charge for any meal. Alcohol is included as well, but if you’d like to enjoy a finer bottle of wine or top-drawer selections of your favorite liquor, you’ll pay extra.

Spoil Yourself (and Your Partner) at the Spa

Signature massages at Desire Pearl come in multiple varieties, including deep tissue, hot stone, and sensual. The sensual massage is meant to stimulate your sexual energy but otherwise pretty much what you'd expect at any spa. Facial and body treatments are also available. 

Fast Track to Naughty–if You Dare

Just walking in the playroom at Desire Pearl earns you kudos; this room is not for the faint of heart. People will be having public sex, but we found that couples (and one foursome) played amongst themselves. There was no interaction between groups and no inappropriate advances. Go to play or just watch, but make sure you and are partner are both comfortable with it. 

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