A Newbie's Guide to the Desire Maya Riviera Resort

Or how to maintain dignity while getting your vacation on at a swinger's resort

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Ready to turn up the heat on your next couple’s getaway? May we suggest Desire Maya Riviera in Cancun? Actually we’re convinced that if more couples slipped out of real life and into a beach-side villa here for a week every year, divorce rates would plummet. Seriously.

Before you race to book your getaway, let’s be clear though – this is a swinger’s resort that features expansive clothing-optional areas where public sexual activity is permitted. It’s older than the sister Desire Pearl resort, with a very seasoned alternative-lifestyle clientele. But it’s also a beautiful Caribbean resort with gourmet eats, a glorious spa, and a beach begging you to recline and relax.

If you’re cautiously curious, we’ve got the details you need to guarantee a happy visit – not mention a healthy share of happy endings for you and your partner. Feel free to print our seven sexy secrets and take them with you:

  1. Have sex in your head first: Begin your visit to Desire with lots and lots of conversations with your partner. It’s a couples-only resort, but you and your partner need to be simpatico on your boundaries, expectations, and hopes for your visit. Talk about what you think is hot and what makes you uncomfortable, and commit to staying in sync with the other’s feelings. During our visit we stayed together as a couple at all times. We didn't play with other couples, and staying together sent a clear message that we were there for each other only.
  2. Swing into your groove slowly: If it’s your first visit, ease into the vibe and take time to chat with the concierge before going to your room. The check-in area is clothing-mandatory, and the staff are there to answer your questions about activities (on and off site) or make dining reservations for you. Just outside the main lobby, you’ll find an open-air bar and a grouping of cabanas with netting swaying in the breeze. Linger here. Relax.
  3. Embrace your adventurous side: The Desire Maya Riviera has a reputation for being a shade naughtier than its sister property, Desire Pearl. The music is a little louder, the patrons a little more boisterous, and the parties a lot later. Nudism is acceptable everywhere on the resort except the lobby and restaurants. But let’s be honest, clothing is loosely defined. It’s not unusually to see scantily-clad guests dining, which is allowed as long as the main bits are covered. How naughty will you let yourself get?
  4. Take the Jacuzzi plunge: Unlike the Desire Pearl, the Desire Maya Riviera has a rooftop hot tub, and it's one of the naughtier places on the resort. Only the bartender and one other person to hand out and gather towels are on hand as far as staff goes. Public sexuality is permitted, and things can get a little wild. If you dare to venture up here, be careful on your way down the stairs – two flights is a long way to walk down after an afternoon of frolicking and drinking with your lover.
  5. Spoil yourself (and your partner) at the spa: Desire offers a wide variety of treatments, but we recommend one of their signature massages – sensual or erotic. The sensual massage is light-touch and meant to stimulate your sexual energy. The erotic massage takes things one step further, and touch is extended to include more private areas. Both massages allow for you and your partner to enjoy each other without the massage therapists present ,as well as Jacuzzi time with champagne and strawberries. Just remember, the happy ending is for you and your partner – your therapist is just there to get things started, and it's hands-off for you.
  6. Embrace your inner diva at the disco: Both Desire resorts feature a different theme every night at their discos. Dancing doesn’t begin until 10 p.m., and it kicks off with some sexy live entertainment. Audience members are often pulled up to participate – especially if you’re wearing a hot costume. If you’re not sure what to pack for a outfit, here are some tips: Guys --dress pants and a nice shirt is expected. Gals – Anything goes. Anything. If it’s lingerie night, bring out what makes you feel beautiful. Arabian nights, buy yourself a leopard print bra and a seductive black dress – unbutton it to the waist…
  7. Fast track to naughty – if you dare: Just walking in the playroom at Desire Maya earns you a gold star. It’s a big, plush room with three oversized lounging areas, and is a no-holds-barred sex zone. Couples come here for one reason: to satisfy each other’s desires. We didn’t see couples interacting with each other but the layout of the room lends itself to bigger groups that want to play with each other. We advise agreeing on your boundaries before you enter the playroom and agreeing to leave when either of you has had enough. And if all you want to do is sip your drink and watch, you’ll find that’s cool. Go ahead, let your vixen out.

Ready to take your vacation to the next (naughty) level? Get yourself to Desire Maya and let your heart rule your decisions during your stay. Everything here is designed to bring you closer together -- so why fight it?   

Desire Maya Riviera Resort Information

Address: Carretera Cancun-Puerto Morelos Km. 27.5 Sm 12 Mza 41 C.P. 77580, Riviera Maya, Mexico

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