This Newark Park Has the Most Cherry Blossoms in the Nation (PHOTOS)

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    Bloomfest at Newark's Branch Brook Park

    Pink cherry blossom tree in Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ
    Danielle Berman

    Spring has sprung in Northern New Jersey. This winter was a rough one, so it's no surprise that North Jerseyans came in droves to Newark's Branch Brook Park for this year's Bloomfest.

    Last year's announcement of the addition of 1,000 cherry blossom trees brought the total park count to 5,000. Yes, Newark has Washington, D.C. beat; there are approximately only 3,750 trees on display at the Tidal Basin.

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    Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

    Flowers and Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart
    Danielle Berman

    The south end of Branch Brook Park offers stunning views of the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart: the fifth-largest cathedral in the United States.

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    It all began in 1927...

    Cherry blossom tree in Branch Brook Park
    Danielle Berman

    A bit of history: In 1895, Branch Brook Park was the first county park opened for public use in the U.S. In 1927, Caroline Bamberger Fuld (sister of Louis Bamberger, the founder of now-defunct Bamberber's department store in Newark) donated 2,000 Japanese cherry blossom trees, starting the vast collection that stands today. Now at a sprawling 360-acres with 4,000+ cherry blossom trees, Branch Brook Park attracts over 10,000 visitors each April.

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    Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, with Flowers

    Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart
    Danielle Berman

    Another view of the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

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    14 Shades of Pink

    Pink cherry blossom tree in Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ
    Danielle Berman

    There are currently 14 varieties of cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park, so whip out those cameras and try to snap them all.

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    "You Are Here"

    Bloomfest Event Schedule and Map
    Danielle Berman

    A helpful sign at the center of the event illustrating the vendors, restrooms, and clusters of trees. Also vital: the schedule for live music, cultural demonstrations, activities, and more.

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    Bounce House Mania

    Bouncy houses at Bloomfest
    Danielle Berman

    Pretty sure Branch Brook Park outdid your childhood backyard birthday party. Four bounce houses to choose from? Wow.

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    Spin Art Lives On

    Spin art at Bloomfest
    Danielle Berman

    80s and 90s kids rejoice: spin art happened at Bloomfest.

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    No Soup For You

    The Original Soupman
    Danielle Berman

    The food trucks were out in full effect. Longest line? The Original Soupman.

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    Red Velvet Funnel Cake, Fried Oreos, and Fancy Lemonade

    Red Velvet Funnel Cake
    Danielle Berman

    Red velvet funnel cake? Yes, please.

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    Cobu Taiko Drum & Dance Troupe

    Cobu Taiko Drum & Dance Troupe
    Danielle Berman

    The crowd was entranced by this performance from the Cobu Taiko Drum & Dance Troupe.

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    Cherry Blossom Archway

    Light pink cherry blossom tree at Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ
    Danielle Berman

    One of the cherry blossom trees forms a natural archway over the path.

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    A Stroll Through Pink and White

    Families walk through Branch Brook Park
    Danielle Berman

    Families admire the cherry blossoms at Newark's Bloomfest.

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    Cell Phone Tour

    Cell Phone Tour Stop
    Danielle Berman

    Bonus: self-guided cell phone tours. Visitors can dial 973-433-9047, enter the code for the location of the park found on the sign, and hear historical and horticultural information.

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    Cherry blossom up-close
    Danielle Berman

    This cherry blossom was ready for its close-up.

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    Cherry blossom, not bloomed
    Danielle Berman

    Even in the early stages, the blossoms are beautiful.

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    Danielle Berman

    In a sea of pink and white, a little splash of yellow never hurt anybody.