New Zealand Historic Places Trust

The Trust Responsible for New Zealand's Historic Buildings and Places

Antrim House, office of Historic Places Trust.
Getty Images/Oliver Stewe

The New Zealand Historic Places Trust was established to manage and maintain many of the country's historical building and sites. If New Zealand history is of particular interest to you, it is well worth finding out about the activities of the Trust and even becoming a member.

About the New Zealand Historic Places Trust

The Trust is a New Zealand Crown Entity, managed by a board of trustees on behalf of the government and the people of New Zealand. Its role is to foster the appreciation and conservation of New Zealand's unique history and heritage. The head office is in Wellington and there are regional offices in Kerikeri (Northland), Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch, and Dunedin.

New Zealand Historic Places Trust Properties and Sites

There are a number of buildings throughout New Zealand that are maintained by the Trust. Several of the most important is also owned by the Trust (effectively publicly owned). In addition, there are many historic sites (including significant Maori sites) that are recognized for their importance and significance.

The Trust also maintains a Register of Historic Areas and Places, including Maori sacred sites. There are currently more than 5600 entries on the Register. Many of these are privately owned, but recognition helps to ensure these places are protected from insensitive development.

It is similar the "listed" or "graded" building status used in other parts of the world.

Why You Should Become a Member of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust

If you are interested in New Zealand's colonial and Maori history it would be well worth considering joining the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. Benefits of membership include:

  • Free admission to all properties owned by the Trust throughout New Zealand.
  • A very informative quarterly magazine, Heritage New Zealand
  • Discounts on some accommodation, travel, and tours throughout the country.

Reciprocal Visiting Rights With Other Trusts Around the World

One of the biggest benefits of membership is that it gives you free admission to heritage properties in many other countries around the world. This is due to a reciprocal arrangement with other Heritage Trusts. Countries include Australia, The UK, Japan and the United States.

In fact, if you are considering visiting historic houses in the UK, a good idea is to join the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and use your card whilst in the UK. You still get free admission -- but the New Zealand Trust is a lot cheaper to join than the National Trust in the UK. For example, a family membership to the NZHPT is $NZ69. Equivalent membership of the National Trust in the UK is around NZ$190.

Affiliated heritage organizations include:

By becoming a member of the New Zealand Historic Trust, you not only get the above benefits, but you are also helping to preserve some of New Zealand's most special and historic places.