How to Make a Call to New Zealand

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Have a Kiwi friend you'd like to call? Making an international call to New Zealand doesn't have to be difficult.

The international calling code for New Zealand is +64. This should be preceded by the international prefix 011 if calling from all of North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico, or 00 from elsewhere in the world.

If you are traveling within New Zealand, and have a U.S. cell phone carrier, it's best to purchase an international plan for your time of travel. Keep in mind that data rates are typically extra, and be sure to stay within your allotted plan minutes, so you don't incur astronomical overages. You may also get hit with hidden fees, so make sure you read the fine print.

You also have the option to purchase a prepaid international calling card. This card can be purchased in advance and used at some landlines within New Zealand. Many times, the calling card can also be used in conjunction with most cell phones, but be aware that you still may get charged fees for doing so on a personal U.S. cell phone. 

Calling New Zealand from the United States

To call from the United States, dial "011-64" followed by the number in New Zealand, including the area code, but without the 0. For example, if the number is listed in New Zealand as 09 123 4567, you would dial 011-64-9-123-4567 from the U.S.

Calling New Zealand From Within New Zealand

When calling within New Zealand, include the 0 that is part of the area code at the start of the number. If the number given is 09-123-4567, that is the number you would call from within the country. If you are calling within a region, there is no need to include the area code from a landline but you will need to do so when dialing from a mobile phone.

Calling a Cell Phone in New Zealand

All mobile numbers begin with a 0, so the same rules apply as for a landline: If calling from overseas include the international code but omit the 0. If calling from within New Zealand include the 0.

Example NZ Phone Number: 027-123-4567

  • To call from overseas: (Area code)-27-123-4567
  • To call from within New Zealand: 027-123-4567
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