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See over 60 Manhattan TV and movie locations on this guided bus tour

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It can be difficult to find activities for your trip to New York City that will entertain and accommodate everyone in your group, but the New York TV and Movie Tour might just do that. This three-hour tour leaves from Ellen's Stardust Diner and takes participants on a luxury tour bus to see over 60 locations used in TV shows and movies filmed in Manhattan. One of the best features of the tour is that the bus has television screens where they show the scenes featuring the locations you're seeing in real life.

This is great for those with dusty memories and also highlights some of the movie magic that takes place when filming.

Who Would Enjoy this Tour

For both children and adults who need a break from walking, this tour offers a welcome respite and the opportunity to see a vast area of Manhattan in just a few hours, covering much of the Manhattan's West Side, from the Upper West Side to Greenwich Village. It's also an excellent choice when the weather is too hot, too cold or too wet for spending extended periods of time outdoors, as most of the tour is spent on the bus.

The Tour Guide

Our tour guide, Kimberly, was friendly and knowledgeable. You might be surprised to learn that New York has a $5 billion film industry and that over 200 movies have been filmed in New York City's Central Park. Despite the occasional traffic, she kept the tour engaging with the movie clips, a trivia contest and by pointing out many celebrity homes along the tour. The New York TV and Movie Tour is a great choice for families with children, as there are several stops where they can get off to see the locations up close, though it might exceed the attention span of younger kids.

The only disappointment might be that the tour is slanted toward heavy coverage of some less important New York City films--Big Daddy, Serendipity, and MIB II are brought up repeatedly while other major New York City movies, including Superman, Taxi Driver and When Harry Met Sally are mentioned only briefly.

Some of the Movies and TV Shows Included in the Tour

Affair to Remember, Autumn in New York, Big Daddy, Center Stage, Cosby Show, Coyote Ugly, Crocodile Dundee, Friends, Ghostbusters, Godzilla, Igby Goes Down, King Kong, Law and Order, Made, Men in Black, Moonstruck, Quiz Show, Rosemary's Baby, Seinfeld, Serendipity, Sex and The City, She's The One, Sid and Nancy, Spiderman, Spiderman 2, Splash, Someone Like You, Superman, Sweet Home Alabama, Taxi Driver, The Hours, The Producers, Three Men and a Baby, Unfaithful, Vanilla Sky, Wall Street, West Wing, When Harry Met Sally, Will and Grace, You've Got Mail

From the bookstore in You've Got Mail starring Meg Ryan to the firehouse used in Ghostbusters, the tour brings visitors to an array of locations and includes a variety of television shows and movies that are likely to appeal to participants of all ages. If you're interested in taking the tour on your next visit, it's $41, plus a $2 ticket fee per person for the 3-hour tour which is offered at 10 a.m. daily, regardless of the weather. New York Pass holders get a 20% discount on the tour. Book your tickets online with Viator.

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