Restaurant Week 101

Everything you need to know about Restaurant Week in New York City

What Is Restaurant Week?

  • Restaurant Week is a twice-annual event where select New York City restaurants offer discounted lunch and/or dinner menus. Read More About Restaurant Week

When Is Restaurant Week?

  • NYC Summer Restaurant Week runs July 20-August 14, 2015 (Monday - Friday)
    Restaurant Week (which is actually most often more than one week, twice a year) takes place in the summer and in the winter. The Winter Restaurant week is held in late January/early February and the Summer Restaurant week has been held in late June/early July, in July or in July/August.

    Which Restaurants Participate in Restaurant Week?

    • The list changes somewhat each time Restaurant Week comes around, and the lists of participating restaurants are typically updated about five or six weeks before the event.
    • Participating Restaurants: A-C | D-J | K-O | P-T | U-Z

    Which Restaurants are best for Restaurant Week?

    How Much Does Restaurant Week Cost?

    • Winter Restaurant Week 2015 costs $25 for a three-course lunch and $38 for a three-course dinner. Be aware that not all participating restaurants offer the Restaurant Week deal for both lunch and dinner. The list of restaurants indicates which meals are being offered, but confirm when you make your reservation.

      How Can I Have The Best Restaurant Week Experience?

      • Reserve early, be realistic in your expectations, and choose your restaurant wisely. Check out my tips for enjoying Restaurant Week for more advice.

      What Is Restaurant Week Like?