New York City Hotel Rates

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The Plaza Hotel in NYC

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Rates at New York City hotels can range from reasonable to outrageous. You can stay in a budget motel or a suite that costs five figures a night. With so many choices - there are almost 300 hotels with over 75,000 hotel rooms - it can be hard to find the right fit or know how much you will get with your money.

But this New York City Hotel Room Rate Guide should help you find a New York City hotel that will fit your travel budget. Note: Our rating is based on the lowest available room rate. The rates also can change based on season.

¢ - Cheap New York Accommodations

These are New York City room rates under $100 a night. These New York hostels or hotels are very basic. They will often have shared baths, very minimal services, and or locations outside of main tourist areas. You might have to spend extra money on public transportation to get around (although buses and subways are always a good option.)

To get the most for your money in this category consider staying at a hostel. The Hi New York City Hostel, for example, is located two blocks from Central Park on the Upper West Side and offers free WiFi and a cafe that serves food all day long. It's a great choice for those traveling solo and looking to meet other visitors.

$ - Budget New York Hotel Rooms

This category of hotel features rooms that start under $200/night. These New York City hotels tend to be fairly small and simple, but most have private baths, typical hotel services, and decent locations. Many are chains hotels or convention center hotels.

The New York Hilton Midtown, for example, is in the heart of Manhattan and within walking distance to dozens of attractions. It has everything you need from a conference room to a fitness center, although it won't be fancy. You can get rates there regularly for around $170.

$$ - Moderate New York Hotel Rooms

These New York City Hotel room rates start at under $300 a night. This is the average price of a New York City hotel that is well located and full-service. Many have restaurants, bars, fitness rooms, concierge services, and more. Many properties are even trendy spots that locals gather in after work and in the evening. The rooms are typically small but the public spaces are generously-sized and buzzy.

The Standard Hotel on the High Line, for example, is a hotel that falls into this category. It has two rooftop bars with unbeatable views of the Manhattan skyline and surrounding areas. There is also a German-style beer garden, a restaurant that has fun events like Sunday bingo, and a cafe that serves casual food. Plus you can walk out of the lobby and onto the High Line, one of New York City's most popular attractions that's an elevated park on a former railroad line.

$$$ - Upscale New York Hotel Rooms

New York City Hotel Room rates in this category start at under $450 a night. These hotels offer guests a high-quality New York City hotel experience. Expect rooms to be larger and for them to have stunning views. This hotel will have a well-connected concierge team, room service options, gourmet food and drink, a fitness room, special experiences, and other activities. At these hotels its all about the details and the amenities.

One hotel that falls in this category is the Gramercy Park Hotel. This famed institution is known for its celebrity and fashionable clientele and its gorgeous aesthetics. It has handcrafted furniture and a rotating collection of 20th Century art pieces including those by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It is home to Danny Meyer's Italian restaurant Maialino as well as Rose Bar where well-heeled crowds sip expensive cocktails until the wee hours of the night. Guests staying at this hotel also get access to the exclusive Gramercy Park, New York City's only private park that requires a key for entry.

$$$$ - Luxury New York Hotel Rooms

This category of New York City Room rates is over $450/night. It offers guests the ultimate in luxury, service, and convenience. These hotels offer ample space, exclusive experiences or amenities, and beautiful decor. It's the perfect category for a special occasion or those seeking a lot of space or care.

One of New York City's most lavish hotels is The Mark Hotel made famous recently by being the site of Meghan Markle's baby shower. This hotel is a favorite among the fashion set, and famous guests include Yves St. Laurent, Valentino, and Karl Lagerfeld. This hotel doesn't just have amenities; it has the best services you can find in New York City. Celebrity chef Jean Gorges does the room service; guests can get around in chic pedicabs driven by a chauffeur; and if they forgot something a personal buyer from famed department store Bergdorf Goodman will buy it for them.