New York Airports

If you're flying to New York City, don't miss this guide to the areas airports

New York is served by several airports, which makes it easier to find reasonable airfares, but it can make planning your trip more challenging. Whether you're arriving at LaGuardia Airport (LGA), John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), Newark Airport (EWR), or even one of New York's smaller airports, find more information about arrivals, departures and transfers below.

Be aware of the different New York airports when you book your tickets -- sometimes the cheapest ticket or the best schedule can have you flying into one airport and out of a different one. This isn't a problem, unless you show up at the wrong one when it's time to go home!

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    JFK airport
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    John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) is New York's largest airport with over 47 million travelers passing through in 2011. It's located on Jamaica Bay in Queens, approximately 15 miles from midtown Manhattan. For visitors interested in using public transportation to travel from the airport into Manhattan, JFK offers a light-rail Airtrain that connects directly to New York's subway system.

    Pros of Kennedy Airport:
    Airtrain service
    Cons of Kennedy Airport:
    • More expensive to cab ride from JFK to Manhattan than from LGA to Manhattan

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    LaGuardia Airport is smaller than Kennedy Airport, but no less important, having served over 24 million passengers in 2011. Located on Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay in Queens, approximately 8 miles from midtown Manhattan, LaGuardia is the closest airport to midtown Manhattan.

    Pros of LaGuardia Airport:
    • Closest airport to midtown Manhattan
    Cons of LaGuardia Airport:
    • Getting to the airport via public transport requires taking a bus

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    Newark Liberty International Airport
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    Newark Airport is actually located in Newark, New Jersey, but it is an important travel hub for visitors to New York City and is located just 16 miles from midtown Manhattan.

    Pros of Newark Airport:
    • Offers direct flights from many cities that don't have direct service from other New York airports
    Cons of Newark Airport:
    • New Jersey location makes cab fare expensive to/from airport

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    Long Island MacArthur Airport
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    Located on Long Island, MacArthur Airport accommodates over 2 million passengers annually. U.S. Airways and Southwest Airlines are the two primary airlines that operate out of LIMA. Located 50 miles east of Manhattan, there is a shuttle service to the Long Island Railroad, which takes about an hour and 20 minutes to travel to NYC.
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    Westchester County Airport
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    Located in Westchester, White Plains Airport accommodates over 1 million passengers annually. U.S. Airways and Southwest Airlines are the two primary airlines that operate out of White Plains Airport, which is located 27 miles northeast of Manhattan.
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    Stewart International Airport
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    Located in Newburgh/New Windsor, New York, Stewart International Airport accommodates nearly 1 million passengers annually. Stewart International Airport is located 60 miles north of Manhattan.
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    Teterboro Airport
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    Teterboro Airport is located about 12 miles from Manhattan in New Jersey. Teterboro Airport does not have scheduled commercial flights, but it does service charter flights and private planes.