New Year's in Montreal


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New Year's in Montreal out on the town is a BLAST if you play your cards right and plan ahead. Ready for an evening you won't soon forget? Here's how you make it happen.

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Top Events

New Year's in Montreal is amazing.

Merry Montreal

If you love going out, dancing to the latest beats and don't mind the crowds or getting your feet a little wet, then my list of top Montreal New Year's Eve events are sure to please.

The usual suspects feature a kinky annual dress-up celebration, an electronic music marathon, casino madness, laughter therapy, a relaxing alternative to the nightlife scene, and more. 

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The Fireworks

New Year's in Montreal includes fireworks.

Merry Montreal

New Year's Eve in Montreal would never be the same without fireworks set off at the stroke of midnight above the Old Port and iconic city landmarks like the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. 

A must-see annual event that attracts crowds of up to 70,000 revelers spilling out along the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, people arrive as early as 6 p.m. to take in the evening's festivities, which feature DJ sessions, live musical performances by local celebrities, ice skating on a basin overlooking the fireworks

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Designated Drivers and Taxis

New Year's in Montreal included designated driver services.

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You sure you're gonna be in good enough shape to drive after hours of partying? Drinking and driving penalties in Quebec are brutal. And expensive.

Sign up for a Montreal designated driver service ahead of New Year's Eve for access to preferential member rates to get both you and your car home. 

Otherwise, there are several Montreal taxi companies to choose from in the wee hours of January 1.

Keep in mind that scoring a cab around 3 a.m. when bars close is challenging. Heading out at that time with the belief that you can just flag down a taxi in seconds is a reality check just waiting to freeze your buns off—been there, done that, never again—so do call in a cab instead and give the dispatcher the address of the warm, comfortable place —the party venue itself, late-night coffee shop, fast food joint, etc.—you've secured a seat at while you wait for your taxi.

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Restaurants Actually Open New Year's Day

Montreal restaurants open New Year's day include La Banquise.

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Finding Montreal restaurants open New Year's eve? Not a problem.

Finding Montreal restaurants open New Year's day? That's another story, one with a happy ending. A poutine icon, a choice smoked meat joint, a Michelin-chef-named fine dining establishment, and the city's top Parisian-style bistro are open on January 1st. Reservations are required depending on the place.

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What Else Is Open and Closed?

Montreal New Year's Eve 2018 events include the Montreal New Year's Eve Ball.

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What's open and closed in Montreal on New Year's Day?

The city pretty much shuts itself down, but there are exceptions to the rule. This exhaustive open and closed in Montreal New Year's Day list sums up what to expect in the city on January 1st but it doesn't account for every mom & pop shop, restaurant, retail store, and government branch in town.

But it does cover more than any other list on the subject.

Happy New Year!

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