What You Should Know About New Year's Eve in Las Vegas

New Year's fireworks over Las Vegas

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If you've decided to ring in the new year in Las Vegas, you should probably have some idea of what you're getting yourself into. New Year's Eve on the Las Vegas Strip may just be the best New Year's Eve party of your life, but first you'll need to know how to dress, what to expect, and where to go. After all, it's one of the best cities to celebrate New Year's in the U.S.

What to Know

Las Vegas on the night of New Year's Eve will be crowded, as you might be expecting, but it will also be cold. If you plan to be out and about on the street, be sure to dress warm since the temperatures have been known to drop between 30 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Streets will close early in the day, so you should plan to be there by at least 4 p.m. before the traffic closes. Fireworks will erupt at midnight with each casino putting on their own show. For the best view in town, you can book a ride ahead of time with Sundance Helicopters to watch the display from the sky.

How to Find a Party

Las Vegas is a party destination year-round so you can count on every bar, club, restaurant, and casino to be putting on their own shin-dig and each one will be trying to outdo the other. You can check with your hotel to see what's happening nearby you for the best party.

Often big acts are brought into perform for New Year's Eve in Las Vegas and on December 31, 2019, you can catch headliners like Third Eye Blind at the House of Blues, Journey at Caesars Palace, and Christina Aguilera at Planet Hollywood. You could also catch a show from some of the Las Vegas staple performances like Cirque du Soleil, David Copperfield, or the Blue Man Group.

Where to Stay and Eat

You'll need to find a hotel that is convenient for your plans during the evening. If you are planning on going to a specific club for your celebration, consider staying at a hotel within walking distance. Once the crowd starts to get big, it's extremely difficult to get around and you won't want to be late to the club or your dinner reservations. It might be helpful to figure out where each hotel has an alternate entrance on the less trafficked streets.

Some of the most ideal hotels to stay are the Cosmpolitan, Flamingo, or the Palazzo. These all have great locations for watching the fireworks and moving around the strip. Of course, if you want to stay away from the Strip, you could splurge on a hotel with a nice view and watch the action from your room. Many hotels also offer special room packages that include dinner plans and more, so keep an eye out for these as they're announced!

Restaurants will be fully booked on New Year's Eve, so you'll want to make your reservation as soon as possible–especially if you've got your eye out one of the city's hottest restaurants.

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