Top Spots on New Year's Eve in Oslo, Norway

Best Vantage Points for Fireworks Celebration

Fireworks in Oslo
Fireworks in Oslo/Getty Images

If you happen to be in Oslo, Norway, on New Year's Eve, you might want to consider bundling up in several layers of clothes and head out to the capital's City Hall to watch fireworks at midnight. Before and after the strike of midnight, you might also consider dinner parties at hotels, restaurants, clubs, or hook up with some Norwegian acquaintances for a house party.

Book Reservations for a Party

On New Year's Eve, local bars and clubs are quieter than usual since many people have private parties and celebrate with friends and family at home. However, for Oslo travelers, it is recommended that you book reservations at a few nightclubs, hotels, or restaurants that plan to host New Year's celebrations.

Top New Year's Eve Parties

If you want to have a great vantage point for the fireworks but choose not to be outdoors, book reservations for the Stratos Hotel or the Summit Bar at Radisson Blu. For example, the Summit Bar is on the 21st floor, has floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, allowing guests to soak in the grandeur of the city and the fjords. Both bars are high up overlooking the city and can give you a great view of the fireworks. Hot tip: Buy tickets a couple months in advance, these spots are popular spots for tourists on New Year's Eve.

Keep in mind that each year, celebrations and local events will likely differ in time and place, so it is always best to check for the specific time you are in the Norwegian capital. For the most up-to-date information, your best bet is to visit the local tourist information office in Oslo or simply ask at the reception desk of your hotel.

More About the Fireworks

What does happen at the same time each year for sure are the fireworks—and Oslo puts on a very good show. Pick a good spot to see the sky over the city and maybe even get there an hour or so early to make sure you have a place in the crowd once the fireworks program gets going at midnight.

Make sure that you dress warmly and in multiple layers, as the temperature change going from the warm indoors to the cold and possibly rainy or snowy outdoors can present quite a shock to the body. Many tourists are not used to the drastic change in temperature and are not used to wearing layers of clothing. Winter in Norway can be rather cold and wet, so pack accordingly. And once you have arrived, stop at a supermarket and grab yourself some sparklers to light up at midnight.

Other Locations in Scandinavia

New Year's Eve is similarly cold but just as festive in other Nordic countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Check out where you plan to be for the tolling of midnight and find out what each of those countries has to offer.