How to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Helsinki, Finland

New Year 2016 celebration in the city of Helsinki

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Are you thinking about finishing up the year in Finland? The Finnish capital has fireworks celebrations that you can enjoy outdoors in the town square or via live broadcast from the comfort of a cozy bar. Keep in mind that wintertime in Finland often means sub-zero temperatures and long hours of darkness, so make sure you bundle up and remember to toast the new year like the Finns do with a "Hyvää uutta vuotta!," which is Finnish for "Happy New Year!"

Where to Go

If you want to go out for the festivities, you can celebrate Finnish style by heading to Senate Square in front of the Helsinki Cathedral, where the bells will ring at midnight. Another option is Kansalaistori Square, near the Contemporary Art Museum, where you'll find musical entertainment, dancing, speeches, and a midnight fireworks display. The crowds here are even bigger than at Senate Square, even in the cold!

Bars and Parties

Helsinki's New Year's Eve private parties often offer buffet-style meals along with locally popular drinks and sparkling wine. All in all, the streets are relatively quiet compared to other cities on New Year's Eve in Scandinavia. If you want to dance your way into the new year, you'll find that many of the city's best night clubs are open until midnight.

Private Parties and Tin Casting

Many New Year's Eve parties in Helsinki are private parties. So if you know local Finns and can attend a private party, you can find an authentically Finnish good time and even try the uniquely Finnish tradition of tin casting. This is the custom of melting a tin horseshoe in a pan and then pouring the liquid metal into a bucket of water to solidify. Then, the shape that the tin forms is used to predict your future for the coming year.


With a small capacity, Helsinki hotel rooms fill up quickly on New Year's Eve, so book as far in advance as you can. The Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel offers quick subway access to get you to any New Year's Eve celebration. This is also available at the Holiday Inn Helsinki City Center, Hotel Finn, Hotel Seurahoune Helsinki, and Cumulus City Kaisaniemi Helsinki, among many others.

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