New Tacoma

Where is it and what is there to do?

Abers Mill Lofts and the East 21st Street Bridge in New Tacoma, Washington
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New Tacoma is a part of Tacoma, Washington, that is not always as well-known by name as North Tacoma or South Tacoma. It is made up of several districts, including the Dome District, Midtown, Stadium, and lower Pacific Avenue—so it encompasses several areas that are not especially linked by a common atmosphere and contains both business and industrial areas. There are also many homes and apartments within New Tacoma and this is increasingly a place to live.


New Tacoma is bordered by Marine View Drive and Foss Waterway to the east, South L to the west, N 5th and Schuster Parkway to the north, and I-5 to the south. Parts of New Tacoma overlap with other areas, such as downtown, the Stadium District, and the Port of Tacoma.

Overlooking Tacoma, Washington
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Things to Do

Since New Tacoma overlaps downtown, there are tons of things to do nearby. Explore Tacoma’s museums, including the Tacoma Art Museum, Washington State History Museum, and Children’s Museum.

Since most of downtown is within the bounds of New Tacoma, there are plenty of restaurants. These range from high-end places like El Gaucho, Pacific Grill and Indochine downtown, as well as plenty of casual lunch spots and cafes.

Within Stadium District, you will find more restaurant options, including some cute tea rooms, as well as some quirky little shopping spots. Ranko’s, one of Tacoma’s oldest stores, is a drug store, but sells small home furnishings and novelties as well.

Wright Park falls within New Tacoma and is a nice place to spend some time outdoors, let the kids play on the upgraded playground and splash park, look around the botanical gardens, or enjoy an festival at some times of the year.

The Tacoma Dome is also within the boundaries—this is Tacoma’s largest event venue and often has shows by well-known headliners.


Pierce Transit has several routes that go though the different parts of New Tacoma. In the Port of Tacoma area, there is very limited bus service. Route 501 will get you somewhat close to some of the Port via 20th Street East. Downtown Tacoma has just about every bus route passing through it as 10th and Commerce is located here. The Link light rail also passes through downtown and connects 9th and Commerce with the Tacoma Dome Station.

New Tacoma is well connected via freeways. I-705 connects the Stadium District to downtown as well as to I-5. I-5 passes by the Port of Tacoma.

New Tacoma Apartments and Real Estate

Since New Tacoma spans over such different areas, you can find a wide array of homes, apartments and condos within its bounds. Areas such as downtown and Stadium have more expensive homes and some downright decadent condos, but New Tacoma has everything from rundown older neighborhoods to renovated houses from the 1800s or early 1900s. The median home price in this part of town is $313,600,000 as of July 2019, according to—which is a testament to how ritzy the homes in the nicer parts of New Tacoma really are. While most parts of Tacoma have housing built during many different time periods, a staggering third of homes in New Tacoma were built in the 2000s—another clue at the housing and condos boom in the downtown area. There are far more renters in New Tacoma than homeowners.

Since renting is the more popular option in New Tacoma, apartments here (and rental homes and condos) are generally plentiful. If you are seeking something with some style and price is not as much of an issue, look to the many new condo towers in downtown Tacoma or the older, but often impressively renovated apartments and condos in Stadium District; Stadium Way in particular has several condos with amazing water views. Around Wright Park is a great place to look if you want something more affordable, and there is a large number of studios and one-bedrooms in this area. This area also puts you within an easy walk of downtown, Stadium District, and North Tacoma.


McCarver Elementary - 2111 S J Street
Seabury Middle School - 925 Court C
Stadium High School - 111 N E Street
Christian Brotherhood Academy - 36 South K Street
School of the Arts - 1818 Tacoma Avenue South
First Presbyterian Church School - 20 Tacoma Avenue South
Saint Leo School – S 13th and S G Street
Grace Christian Academy - 106 South 28th Street
Northwest Academy of Healing Arts - 2601 East "D" St #300
Northwest School of Innovative Learning - 1305 Tacoma Avenue
Bates Technical College - 1101 I Saint Trans
University of Phoenix - 1145 Broadway Plaza
University of Washington Tacoma - 1900 Commerce Street


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