New Star, a Korean-Style Bathhouse in Shanghai

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The New Star is a Korean-style bathhouse with a large spa as its focal point that includes a scrub-room, steam room, and dry sauna (separate male and female) as well as a hair and nail salon, massage therapy treatment rooms, a restaurant serving Korean cuisine, kids' play area, common relaxation area, and communal heating huts.

You can get a full body massage and Korean body scrub if you want more than the therapeutic bathing. Guests, individuals, couples, and families spend their time bathing, getting spa services, relaxing, and playing games. There is even a "VIP Chess Suite." The New Star provides a very relaxing way to spend at least half a day.

The New Star website has a menu of services which include oil massages, cupping, pedicures, leg shaving, haircuts, milk baths, and simple services such as a scented hand massage. At the restaurant, you can have tea, soups, and even Red Bull or a Budweiser beer.

About New Star

This particular Shanghai spa, part of a franchise, is located about 40-50 minutes from downtown (depending on traffic) so you'll want to allow at least one-half of your day if not more. It's really worth it to spend as much time as possible so you don't have to rush.

Founded in 2007, New Star Spas have six 24-hour facilities in Shanghai and Qingdao. New Star is considered a Korean leisure club.

Address: New Star Bathhouse | No.1, Lane 258, Jinhui Nan Road, near Hongquan Road | 金汇南路258弄1号,近虹泉路

There is also a New Star Bathhouse at 1900 Tianshan Lu, Yanan Xi Lu, Changning District, Shanghai, China

Hours of Operation:  Daily, 24 hours

Spa Etiquette

The way it works in these bathhouses is pretty streamlined and China Spa Etiquette is fairly simple to follow. If you aren't sure, you can inquire with an employee. Bathhouses may expect you to take your clothes off and put it in a locker while enjoying the various pools and steam rooms. You'll most likely be given slippers and, of course, will have your locker key on a wrist bracelet. Cleansing in the shower area before dipping into the therapy pools will be expected and usually is monitored.

Reviewers have indicated that you register and pay an entrance fee upon walking in New Star bathhouses. And then when you purchase a spa service or have a meal in the restaurant, that goes on to a final tab which you pay as you leave.

The Bathhouse Experience

Going to a bathhouse is a great way to relax after a long day or two of sightseeing or shopping. If you're with your partner or are on your own, you'll spend the spa time with the same sex but you can meet up after bathing to enjoy a meal, get a massage or hang out in the hot-house (there are four at New Star of varying degrees, the highest was 70 degrees C, that's 158 degrees F) for a while.

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