8 New Museums That Opened During the Pandemic

These museums are a celebration of tenacity in tough times

Norwegian Royals Inaugurate MUNCH In Oslo
Rune Hellestad / Getty Images

We’re dedicating our November features to arts and culture. With cultural institutions around the world in full swing, we’ve never been more excited to explore the world’s beautiful libraries, newest museums, and exciting exhibitions. Read on for inspiring stories on the artist collaborations that are redefining travel gear, the complicated relationship between cities and spontaneous arthow the world’s most historic sites maintain their beauty, and an interview with mixed media artist Guy Stanley Philoche.

The pandemic put travel and tourism on hold in much of the world as borders closed, flights ground to a halt, and attractions temporarily locked their doors. That's why it's all the more remarkable that amid this global crisis, several new, exciting museums opened across the world in 2020 and 2021. Whether dedicated to art and history, culture, or innovation, these museums are a celebration of tenacity in tough times. The following are some of our favorites.

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Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Los Angeles

The Saban Building of the Academy of Motion Pictures Museum

CC BY-SA 4.0

6067 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA
Phone +1 323-930-3000

Opened in September 2021 after a pandemic-prompted delay of one year, the Academy of Motion Pictures Museum celebrates all things cinema. In the striking Renzo Piano-designed complex, visitors can see iconic movie artifacts and props, including Dorothy's ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz," famous backdrops, and early cinematic equipment. "The Oscars Experience" lets guests walk on stage and accept their gold statue, while other exhibits trace the history of motion pictures and pay tribute to giants and lesser-known players in the industry. Located on L.A.'s Wilshire Boulevard, the museum is open every day of the year.

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Bourse de Commerce–Pinault Collection, Paris

La Bourse De Commerce, home to Francois Pinault's Modern Art Foundation
Luc Castel / Getty Images
2 Rue de Viarmes, 75001 Paris, France
Phone +33 1 55 04 60 60

Inhabiting a landmark 18th-century building in the heart of Paris, the Bourse de Commerce–Pinault Collection houses some of billionaire Francois Pinault's contemporary art collection. The cutting-edge paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media installation is somewhat jarring against the Beaux-Arts-style architecture of the Bourse de Commerce, but that's the idea—to juxtapose often-provocative art with the iconic backdrop. The museum opened in May 2021, after a 100 million euros renovation. It's open daily, though closed on national holidays. It joins three Pinault Collection museums in Venice, Italy.

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Qaumajuq Art Centre, Winnipeg


Courtesy of Qaumajuq

300 Memorial Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1V1, Canada
Phone +1 204-786-6641

The most extensive collection of Inuit art is housed at the new Qaumajuq Art Centre at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in Winnipeg, Canada. Developed in collaboration with Inuit leaders and elders, the museum confronts Canada's colonial history while celebrating contemporary Inuit artists. An ongoing series of special events—including gallery talks, tours, and hands-on learning for kids—ensure that the museum and its collections stay relevant and connected to the community. The museum is closed on Mondays and is either closed or has reduced hours on major holidays.

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Museo Federico Fellini, Rimini

Fellini Museum, Rimini
Mauro Monti - Iguana Press / Getty Images

The work of legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini is inextricably linked to the Italian coastal city of Rimini. It is here where Fellini was born and spent his formative years, and as such, it has been featured in many of his works. Now, Rimini celebrates its most famous son in a trio of exhibition spaces that collectively make up the Museo Federico Fellini, inaugurated in August 2021. All the venues are within walking distance of Rimini's historic center. They include the 15th-century Castel Sismondo, open-air exhibit space at Piazza Malatesta, and the vintage Fulgor Cinema, featured in Fellini's seminal work, "Amarcord." The museum is closed on Mondays and national holidays. Rimini also opened in 2020 the PART museum, a contemporary art collection housed in two historic palaces.

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Munch Museum Interior

Einar Aslaksen / Munch Museum

Edvard Munchs Plass 1, 0194 Oslo, Norway
Phone +47 23 49 35 00

The new museum dedicated to Edvard Munch, Norway's most famous—and famously tormented—artist is missing a key word in its name: museum. Instead, it's just MUNCH, and the architecturally daring new building on Oslo's waterfront is one of the largest museums in the world centered around a single artist. Across 13 crookedly stacked floors, guests experience five exhibition areas that document the artist's life through his work. After 10 years in the making, the museum debuted in October 2021. It's open daily, with reduced hours on holidays.

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Humboldt Forum, Berlin

East Facade of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin

Alexander Schippel / Humboldt Forum

Schloßpl. 1, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 30 992118989

A starkly modern landmark amid the Baroque monuments of the Berlin riverfront is the Humboldt Forum. Dedicated to non-European art, the vast space features existing collections from the former Ethnological Museum of Berlin and the Museum of Asian Art—which have generated controversy in light of Germany's history of colonialism—and temporary exhibitions. There are also exhibits dealing with contemporary socio-political issues, performance spaces, shopping areas, and two eateries. The museum is closed on Tuesdays and is either closed or has limited hours on major holidays.

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National Museum of African American Music, Nashville

National Museum Of African American Music Preview
Jason Kempin / Getty Images
510 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203, USA
Phone +1 615-301-8724

Opened in January 2021, the National Museum of African American Music is dedicated to the legacy and influence of African Americans in U.S. and world music. It's located on Broadway in downtown Nashville, steps from the Grand Ole Opry. Galleries are devoted to different phases and genres in the history of Black music in the U.S. and include artifacts, films, and recordings. Special attention is paid to some of music's most influential voices, like Billy Holiday, Smokey Robinson, and Whitney Houston. The museum is closed on Tuesdays and major holidays.

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Museum of Art Pudong, Shanghai

Museum of Art Pudong

Museum of Art Pudong

In the Lujiazui waterfront area of Shanghai, this modern exhibition space is dedicated to contemporary art from China and worldwide. Lofty galleries and halls allow for monumental and multimedia installations, and partnerships with renowned collections—such as the Tate London—mean world-class visiting exhibitions. Opened in June 2021, an inaugural exhibit featured the works of Joan Miro. The museum is closed on Tuesdays, except for national holidays.

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8 New Museums That Opened During the Pandemic