What Romantic Couples Can Do on a New Mexico Honeymoon

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    Rock out in the USA's Legendary Cave

    Carlsbad Caverns entrance
    NPS Photo/Peter Jones

    Wondering about what romantic things you could do on a New Mexico vacation? The state is truly a wonderland for honeymoon couples who thrive outdoors, in wide open spaces.

    In the Land of Enchantment, the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over­sees 13 million acres of diverse public land encompassing high deserts, rugged lava flows, deep canyons, badlands, National Monuments and more.  Almost all BLM public land is open for recreational use.  

    New Mexico also delivers on Wild West fantasies: Visitors can bask in cowboy lore, Hispanic history, Native American serenity, spectacular scenery, and great hotels and restaurants.

    Magnificent New Mexico’s recreational opportunities are astonishing as well. There are endless things to do, and for couples who love the outdoors, opportunities for hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, and horseback riding under a warm sun and big skies are not to be missed.

    Rock out in North America’s Legendary Cave

    Down near the Texas border, Carlsbad Caverns National Park is nothing short of an astounding underground city of rock. Bring a jacket—it’s a perpetual 55 degrees in the cavern. And make sure you're around for the twice-daily bat flight. Or not.

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    Frolic on an Outrageous Oceanless Beach

    white sands
    NPS Photo.

    The stunning natural wonder known as White Sands National Park contains 275 square miles of things to do in mountain-ringed ivory powder dunes.

    Here you can run around like kids, hike the four marked trails, go on activities guided by park rangers, and chase goofy roadrunners (New Mexico’s mascot).

    Don’t leave before catching a mindboggling romantic White Sands sunset.

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    Hunt for UFOs in Roswell

    Roswell visitors are not alientated by this "alien autopsy" scene.
    © Adline UFOTO.

    ET, call home! Colorful Roswell is the Vatican of the “we are not alone” crowd. The creepy UFO Museum is their St. Peter’s Basilica.

    Beyond the exhilarating strangeness of Roswell's alien obsession, it's a very cool old-fashioned small town, with fabulous Fifties neon signage and a leafy historic district with gracious old homes.

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    Join Scientists Searching for Extraterrestrials

    very large array
    Bureau of Land Management.

    Scientists serious about discovering life out there scan the universe at the Very Large Array of New Mexico, a cluster of 27 gigantic satellite dishes made famous by the movie Contact.

    The VLA welcomes visitors, even romantic ones from Earth.

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    Discover an Eerie Outer-Space Landscape

    John Fowler.

    Studded with eerie rock formations called hoodoos, 4,000-acre Bisti Badlands looks and feels like another planet.

    Among the things to do in this designated wilderness area are hiking, getting silly, and making your own outer-space videos.

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    Explore New Mexico's Mysterious Ancient Metropolis

    chaco canyon
    NPS Photo

    Chaco Canyon is the sprawling ruins of a thousand-year-old tribal city.

    Its vastness and complexity hint at the sophistication of the Anasazi Indians, who disappeared suddenly long ago. Many theories exist, and you may come up with your own.

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    Visit a Pre-Columbian Open-Air Art Gallery

    3 rivers petroglyphs
    Robert Shea.

    The road leading to Three Rivers Petroglyphs is one of the most romantic and scenic drives anywhere.

    And the site itself is nothing short of a prehistoric art gallery.

    More than 21,000 petroglyphs (rock paintings), are scattered on a compact hillside, creating a uniquely memorable art experience.

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    Step Nimbly Where Old West Miners Treasure-Hunted

    silver city
    Getty Images

    Pardners! Cowboys-spirited Silver City in New Mexico’s rugged, green southwestern corner has become a go-to destination for bikers who compete in races such as the Tour of the Gila.

    If your athletic comfort level is an unforgettably picturesque hike, the Gila Catwalk leads you down old miners’ catwalks strung along cliffs and across Whitewater Creek.

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    Watch Real Lovebirds Do Their Thing

    bosque birds
    Mike Goad.

    Unspoiled, wildlife-rich New Mexico is paradise for birdwatchers. The most romantic of the species mate for life.

    Pack binocs for Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, located in the dead center of the state.

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    Scout Wholesale Indian Jewelry on Funky Route 66

    gallup hotel
    Richie Diesterheft.

    Get your kicks on Route 66, and your Southwestern Indian goods too, in western New Mexico’s Gallup, where you can pick up a romantic memento of your trip.

    The business center of the Navajo nation, Gallup is packed with trading posts that sell tribal rugs, pottery, and silver-and-turquoise jewelry for less than half of Santa Fe’s prices.

    Nostalgia fans, too, will love this vintage town, ablaze with neon signs and colorful hotels such as El Rancho

    Check Guest Reviews & Prices for El Rancho on TripAdvisor