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Hotel Coupons Book for New England
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If you've driven New England's highways and made pit stops at rest areas and travel information centers, you've probably seen Discount Guides: They have distinctive, bright green and gold covers, and they're loaded with discount coupons, mostly for hotels and motels along major routes. I stopped at the Vermont Welcome Center on Interstate 91 recently, and these savings-packed booklets were prominently displayed.

You can wait and hope that you, too, will stumble upon these free guides during your travels through New England. But you'll also find thousands of discount offers from properties throughout the U.S.--including hotels in all six New England states--available free online at the Web site (formerly

Simply enter the city and state that you'll be visiting, then hone in on the coupons you need. Print them, and you're on your way! There's also an advanced search option that allows you to screen hotel properties by price range.

Don't quite know yet where you'll be stopping for the night? Here's another handy option: Download the entire Northeast Coupon Book, and take it with you on the go. You'll love the overnight prices advertised: Some coupons will get you a stay for as little as $49.99 per night.

It's important to keep in mind that many of these substantially discounted rates are reserved for walk-in guests and based on availability at the time of check-in. "Based on availability" means that coupons will only be honored until such time as the hotel projects it will be filled to 75-80% occupancy for that evening. You can increase your odds of having a coupon honored by traveling at off-peak times, such as midweek, or by calling individual hotels to ask about availability. Coupons with a telephone icon offer you the convenience of calling ahead to reserve a room at a cheap rate, rather than leaving a deal to chance. is the Internet's largest source for hotel coupons. In addition, the site also offers maps and a free iPhone app to help you find deals when you're on the road. Want to jump right to the hotel coupons available for New England and neighboring New York State? Here are direct links to hotel coupons you can browse by state:

Be sure to read all coupons carefully for restrictions and expiration dates.

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