Your Guide to New England's Airports

Logan International Airport
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As you research flights, this map of New England airports will help you select the best arrival destination. New England is a compact region, so comparing flight prices to several of these airports may save you money. 

It's important to remember that New England cities are only separated by a few hours at most, so if there are less expensive flights to be had in Manchester as opposed to Boston, it may be worthwhile to choose the smaller airport. But Logan International Airport in Boston will likely have the most flight options available, as the region's largest and busiest airport. 

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    Originally named Boston Airport when it opened in 1923, it was re-named Logan in 1956 after Edward Lawrence Logan, a local politician and war hero. Some 30 million people catch flights in and out of Logan Airport each year. This is New England's largest and busiest airport with flights to destinations across the U.S., Canada and to western Europe. 

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    Bradley International Airport is located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, and serves customers in Hartford, Connecticut, and western Massachusetts. Bradley International Airport is located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, and serves customers in Hartford, Connecticut, and Springfield, Massachusetts.

    Bradley is Connecticut's busiest commercial airport with more than 350 flights a day and is New England's and the second-busiest airport. Its destination cities include Cleveland, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, various cities in Florida, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Montreal and Dublin, Ireland.

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     Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, and serves customers in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Boston. It's New England's third-largest cargo airport. 
    Manchester has flights to Baltimore, Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Philadelphia and other cities. 

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    Rhode Island's main airport, T.F. Green opened in 1931, and is named for former Rhode Island governor and senator Theodore F. Green. It was the first state-owned airport in the U.S. 

    T.F. Green serves a wide variety of cities including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York City and Detroit, as well as Frankfurt, Germany and Joao Paulo Airport in the Azores.

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    Burlington International Airport is located in South Burlington, Vermont. It serves the Burlington metro area, and has flights to New York City, Chicago, Toronto and points in New England. 

    Burlington Airport has two military installations: the Burlington Air National Guard Base and an Army Aviation Support Facility of the Vermont Army National Guard.

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    Portland International Jetport, Portland, Maine.

    Portland International Jetport is located in Portland, Maine, and has flights to New England, New York and cities in Canada. 

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     Bangor International Airport is located in Bangor, Maine, and serves points around New England and New York. It also has flights to several cities in Canada. 

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    Barnstable Municipal Airport is in Hyannis, Massachusetts, and serves customers in Cape Cod and the Boston area. This is a popular option for those who vacation on Cape Cod and don't want to make the drive on busy roads Route 3 or Interstate 495 from Boston during the high season. Many private planes and tour planes fly out of Barnstable.