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Just across the Ohio River from Louisville is New Albany, Indiana. New Albany boasts a diverse blend of old and new--Downtown New Albany is filled with 19th Century mansions and storefronts while at the edges of the city you'll find new subdivisions and apartment complexes. New Albany is thought by many to be the perfect place to live--it's just a few miles outside of Louisville, and the home prices and rental costs tend to be much lower in New Albany than they are across the bridge.

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New Albany History

Home in New Albany, IN

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New Albany was founded in 1813 but was not officially incorporated as a city until 1839. New Albany sits next to the Ohio River, so the city grew alongside Louisville during the height of the steamboat industry. Today, New Albany is a bustling city that in many ways mirrors Louisville's Highlands neighborhood. Downtown New Albany has recently become a popular district for first-time homebuyers who enjoy the historical appeal of the 19th Century architecture combined with the lower cost of living New Albany offers.

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New Albany Boundaries

New Albany, Indiana, sign

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New Albany's northern border is I-265 (Lee Hamilton Highway). The city then stretches south to the Ohio River, west to Elizabeth, Indiana, and east to Clarksville, Indiana.

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New Albany Demographics

Indiana University Southeast

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New Albany has a population of nearly 40,000, the greatest portion of which is made up of individuals aged between 25 and 54 years. Approximately 60% of the city's households are occupied by families (Source: Area Connect).

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New Albany Apartments and Real Estate

New Albany, Indiana

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Out of nearly 16,000 housing units, approximately 9,500 are occupied by homeowners. The other 6,500 housing units are rental properties (Source: Area Connect).

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Popular New Albany Restaurants

Restaurant in New Albany

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Of all of the cities and towns in Southern Indiana, New Albany has the best dining scene. It's the best place in Southern Indiana to go for a unique meal at a locally-owned restaurant--you won't find many chain restaurants there.

  • La Rosita - One of the only places in Kentuckiana where you can get authentic Mexican food.
  • New Albanian Brewing Company - Restaurant and brewing company known for its huge beer selection and great pizza.
  • Onions Restaurant and Tea House - Small Asian restaurant with an extensive menu, incredibly reasonable prices, and a quaint atmosphere.
  • Onions Restaurant and Tea House - Small Asian restaurant with an extensive menu, incredibly reasonable prices, and a quaint atmosphere.
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New Albany Nightlife

Bars in New Albany
Photo by Amy C Evans, Southern Foodways Alliance Oral Historian

New Albany isn't really known for its thriving nightlife scene. While there are a few hole-in-the-wall bars scattered around the city, the most popular nightlife spot in New Albany is Steinert's Grill and Pub. Steinert's is where you'll find the students from Indiana University Southeast partying when they're not in class.

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New Albany Attractions

Falls of Ohio

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New Albany is home to several popular festivals and attractions:

  • Culbertson Mansion - A historic mansion once owned by the wealthiest man in Indiana and the venue for a popular local haunted house.
  • Harvest Homecoming - A popular annual fall festival featuring games, carnival food, and shopping booths.
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