Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles Self-Service Kiosks

Experience DMV in a Box and skip the line at your local office

DMV in a Box, self-service kiosks of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
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Thanks to the 2015 initiative by AAA and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to install Service Kiosks called "DMV in a Box," getting your insurance reinstated, printing your driver history, and renewing or duplicating your vehicle registration, driver's license, or ID has never been easier.

Nevada DMV Self-Service Kiosks (DMV in a Box) are electronic stations where you can take care of a number of transactions with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. You can also do some of these online from Internet-connected computers and by snail mail. According to the Nevada DMV, these machines save money for the department and customers' time from not having to stand in line at a DMV office.

However, these convenient mobile DMV machines haven't entirely replaced the necessity of visiting the official offices of the Department as you still have to get a few things done in person. On the other hand, if you need to quickly print out your driver's history or get a duplicate of your driver's license but don't have time to wait at the counter, the DMV in a Box is the perfect solution to your DMV needs.

Services Rendered and not Offered at DMV in a Box

Many services that used to require a dreaded trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles office can be taken care of at any of the DMV in a Box locations in the Reno area or elsewhere in Nevada. These services include the following:

  • Registration Renewal
  • Insurance Suspension Reinstatement
  • Driver History Printout
  • Driver's License or ID Card Renewal
  • Duplicate Driver's License, Instruction Permit or ID Card

You must personally go to a DMV office for things like physical inspections of vehicles and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN), learner's permits, written driver's license tests, and behind-the-wheel driving tests. Only the above services are offered at these DMV in a Box kiosks, so you'll need to make an appointment at local DMV office if you need something outside of these offerings.

Payments and Locations of DMV Self-Service Kiosks

Cash is accepted only at DMV in a Box kiosks located at DMV offices; at all other locations, payment can be made with check, debit card, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). The machines extract a service fee of $3 for vehicle registration renewals and $1 for all other transactions. New license plate decals, vehicle registration, and driver history printouts are dispensed right from the kiosks when you do those types of transactions.

You can find these self-service kiosks in multiple locations around northern Nevada, including in the Reno and Sparks and Las Vegas areas:

There are also self-service kiosks inside several DMV offices in Northern Nevada, including at 305 Galletti Way in Reno and 555 Wright Way in Carson City. By combining a visit to a full office with the use of DMV in a Box, you can easily take care of renewing your Driver's License while you're waiting to get your vehicle inspected by a DMV representative.

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