Naval Academy Tours in Annapolis, MD

US Naval Academy
US Naval Academy.

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The Naval Academy is a “must see” attraction in Annapolis, Maryland with its beautiful 338-acre campus, known as the Yard, and its scenic location on the Chesapeake Bay. The U.S. Naval Academy is a four-year training facility for officers of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Designated a National Historic Site, the Naval Academy has a distinguished history and French Renaissance and contemporary architecture. A 90-minute guided walking tour is available to the public and provides visitors with an overview of the experiences of the midshipmen as well as the history, culture, recreation and educational resources available onsite.

Getting to the Naval Academy

The Visitor Access Center is located at Gate 1, Randall St. and Prince George St. Pedestrian entrances to Gate 1 are located on Randall Street (between Prince George and King George Streets) and on Prince George Street at Craig Street. Both entrances are just a block from the Annapolis City Dock. To enter the campus, everyone 16 and older must have a photo ID. There is no public parking available for visitors, except for those with a handicapped tag (a pass is required from the Visitor Access Center). The closest public parking garage is Hillman Parking Garage, 150 Gorman Street, located just off of Main Street. Parking meters throughout downtown Annapolis are limited to 2 hours. Annapolis is located 33 miles east of Washington, DC and 30 miles southeast of Baltimore.

Visiting Tips

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before your tour to allow time to explore the exhibits in the Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center. The USNA Gift Shop features a selection of USNA, U.S. Navy, and USMC merchandise, hats and souvenirs. Items are also available to purchase online.
  • Be sure to bring a photo ID. It is required to enter the campus.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. The tour includes walking a distance of about one mile through the Naval Academy Campus.
  • Allow time after the tour to explore on your own. Visitors are allowed on campus from sunrise to 5 pm or sunset, whichever is later, daily.
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Major Points of Interest 

Lejeune Physical Education Center – The Athletic Hall of Fame, an Olympic-size pool and wrestling arena are located here. Visitors learn about the athletic requirements of the midshipmen.
Dahlgren Hall – The building houses space for social activities for the Midshipmen as well as the Drydock Restaurant that is open to the public and. There are a variety of ship and aircraft memorabilia on display.
Bancroft Hall – The dormitory houses the more than 4,400 midshipmen and contains 1700 rooms, 5 miles of corridors and about 33 acres of floor space. The rotunda, Memorial Hall, and a sample room are open to the public.
Tecumseh Court – A statue of the Indian warrior Tecumseh stands at the site of the noon formations for the Midshipmen.
Naval Academy Chapel – Catholic and Protestant services are conducted in the chapel and are open to the public. Religious services of other faiths are held at other locations on the campus. Approximately 200 weddings are held here every year. It is on the tour route except when there are weddings, funerals and special events. The Main Chapel is generally closed on Friday afternoons for wedding rehearsals and Saturdays for weddings. 

Additional Things to Do

  • Noon formation is one of the daily attractions on the Navy Yard. It is held, weather and schedule permitting, Monday through Friday during the academic year and Monday through Saturday during the summer.
  • Visit the Naval Academy Museum, located in Prebble Hall, after your guided tour and see the famous Gallery of Ships and more than 50,000 naval artifacts.
  • Enjoy lunch at the Drydock Restaurant in Dahlgren Hall or The Naval Academy Club or walk a short distance to Main Street and enjoy dining and shopping in the heart of Annapolis.
  • Many events are open to the public including musical and theatrical events, religious services and athletic games.

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