Natomas Community Profile

The community of Natomas in Sacramento, California. Sleep Train Arena is on the left.
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Natomas, usually described as either north or south, is a community where families have found an ideal spot to live and play.

Since the 1990s, there has been major residential and business development in North Natomas. Sleep Train Arena, home to many concerts and shows, is located here. Budweiser, Raley’s, Coke Cola, and Java City do business in this area.

The more developed area of Natomas is its southern tip. Many of the South Natomas homes were built in the 1950s, but developers have found pockets of space for newly constructed homes. Many of the established parks and community centers in Natomas can be found here.

Natomas Community Location and Neighborhoods

Natomas is just minutes from downtown Sacramento to the south and from the Sacramento International Airport to the north.

Natomas' community boundaries are as follows:

  • North: Elkhorn Boulevard
  • South: Garden Highway
  • East: Natomas East main drain, Gateway Park Boulevard, N. Freeway Boulevard and Northgate Boulevard
  • West: Highway 99 to I-80

The neighborhoods in Natomas include Creekside, Gardenland, Gateway Center, Gateway West, Heritage Park, Metro Center, Natomas Corporate Center, Natomas Creek, Natomas Crossing, Natomas Park, Northgate, Regency Park, River Gardens, RP-Sports Complex, Sundance Lake, Village 5, Village 7, Village 12, Westlake, and Willowcreek.

Natomas zip codes are 95832, 95833, 95834 and 95835.

Natomas Living

There are so many different residence choices in Natomas. One could rent an apartment, traditional and senior living. There are plenty of detached single family homes or condominiums. For those seeking luxury living, they can snag a multi-million dollar river front home along Garden Highway.

The Natomas community is represented by the District 1 representative on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and by the District 1 representative on the Sacramento City Council.

The Natomas Unified School District administers K-12 education to the Natomas community. It is also home to Natomas Charter School, a notable 6th-12th-grade performing arts school. American River College also has an extension campus in Natomas.

Other educational centers in Natomas include trade and vocational centers:

Defying Past Reputations 

Long time Sacramento residents still view Natomas as a crime-filled area with unsightly neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the past doesn't lie, but both locals and visitors should know that Natomas has made huge strides in regard to cleaning up the city and making it an amazing place to live. Many portions of Natomas are now considered to be quite upscale. 

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